Thursday, October 13, 2016


At the intersection of Washington Road and Cedar Blvd., there is a new sign for DRIVERS.

Turning Vehicles Yield to Pedestrians
Is there a movement to alert drivers that pedestrians have the right of way? Wow, that's a big step for the Municipality of Mt. Lebanon.

Update October 14, 2016 11:27 AM To Zeke's 11:07 AM comment. There is a new sign at that intersection. No crosswalks, but there is a sign now.


Anonymous said...

Still no sign of any crosswalks at Cedar/Cochran. It's been all summer. I understand the top coat of asphalt is yet to be laid (although time is running out for the season), but kids cross this intersection just as much as at 19/Cochran. The Commissioners don't care. By the way, what the HELL is going on with Cochran? Crumbling curbs/sidewalks, new asphalt being dug up, no top coat, steel plates all over the road? MTL residents should get a stipend for vehicle suspension repair at the end of the year instead of sending Susan Morgans on a blue hair junket to the Big Apple.


Anonymous said...

There's no crossing guard assigned to that intersection either.