Friday, October 28, 2016

Susan justifies The Folio: Show UPDATED

Remember Mrs. Morgans Goes To The Big Apple? In today's mtl Magazine, Susan Morgans tells all of her readers why she is going to New York City next month.

Susan, comparing your trip next month to The Folio: Show which "is packed with lively luncheons, vibrant receptions and one-on-one interaction, all designed to give you a unique opportunity to meet with the people you want to meet and develop a professional network that will serve you for years to come" with Aaron Lauth going to the FBI Academy for ten weeks of hard core training is insulting. How can you put yourself in the same league as our chief of police?

Yes, your FEMA training was free and we covered your travel costs, but your trip to The Big Apple is not. Why we have to pay for your dinners with new friends is beyond me. Exactly what part of lively luncheons, vibrant receptions, one-on-one interaction (whatever that means), or having dinner with new friends will you be sharing with your staff when you return?

By the way, my tax dollars pay for your trips too, even though I didn't vote for any of the commissioners.

Update November 2, 2016 8:19 AM Keith McGill justifies The Folio: Show

From: Keith Mcgill []
Sent: Tuesday, November 1, 2016 2:21 PM
To: Nicholas Meduho, Jr.
Cc: Commission <>; Ian McMeans <>
Subject: Re: taxes

Good afternoon Mr. Meduho,

As I am sure you are aware one can quickly find countless articles on the internet espousing the benefits of continuing education and a well trained workforce.

Specific to Mt. Lebanon and my philosophy, here is a quote from an article that appeared in mtl magazine's October 28, 2016 issue, written by Laura Pace Lilley, Living the FBI Life.

"High-level training is important for top municipal staff. “The Mt. Lebanon Commission has consistently recognized and supported investment in advanced training for our municipal employees, especially those in leadership positions,” says Mt. Lebanon Manager Keith McGill. “This philosophy has allowed the municipality to remain an innovative and recognized leader in identifying available resources and providing services to residents in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.”

The conference that Ms. Morgans is attending has value in that media and the way people want to receive information changes constantly. It is important to have continuing education about everything from marketing and advertising to new software and design.There will be seminars on advertising, which could benefit the magazine by identifying ways to generate more revenue as well as other sessions which will offer insight and information that Ms. Morgans will bring back and share with the municipal staff, PIO staff, myself and the municipal commission.


Anonymous said...

Hi Elaine... I totally agree with one of your other readers:

"In companies that foot the bill for trips like Morgans, it is usually required that the attendee make a presentation of what was learned from the experience!
As taxpayers (actually her employers) we need to know if it's money well spent!"

As a taxpayer I personally want to know if my tax dollars are being well spent or not and I would hope that every other taxpayer would feel the same way. Remember, this is the same department and individual that pencils in hours on Laura Lilley's time sheets to even out her work hours.

And yes Elaine, it is totally insulting to compare a media conference to FBI police training that is used to keep us and our families safe. Police training is a necessity, her trip to New York is not, even by a long shot.

The sad part too is that our commission and our manager whose responsibility it is to spend taxpayer money wisely...does not.

This is just another example that should make Mt. Lebanon taxpayers blood boil.

Nick M.

Jason Margolis said...

Mayors Morgan and McGill run the place and act as they wish ...

The fake-humility in that last paragraph is laughable ... I can see her guffawing heartily with a glass of Pino as she wrote it.

The system is broken, and decision-making is too far from both the electorate and the elected (the 5 commissioners).

In a year, Mayors McGill and Morgans make close to $300K for their collective efforts, including benefits.

In a year, the commissioners make about $20K combined for their collective efforts.

... and this is to oversee a budget larger than some 3rd-world nations.

It is clear: MTL needs a mayoral system to increase accountability, reduce pervasive low-level corruption, and break the cycle of narrow thinking holding the community back.

Anonymous said...

Mayor McCheese should cut the PIO budget.

E. T. Gillen said...

In a year, Jason, the commissioners are doing less than they ever did. They just pass ordinances that are not enforced. Forget corresponding with constituents.

12:12, the trip to NYC is possible because it is in her budget. Use it or lose it, right, Susan? I agree. Her budget needs to be cut. Or make her part time. Why is she writing about the school district? They have their own PIO. Two separate governments. Don't agree? Try writing one check when paying local taxes.

Anonymous said...

Ellen,, how appropriate for this Susan Morgans letter to be in this horrid issue of the Mt Lebanon magazine.. which also includes an article of Michelena the cold hearted Pro Kill main spokeswoman at the Comm Meetings and of course an article about the actual killers of the deer,, the Mt Lebanon police...
If there are any bonfires in the neighborhood,, I will be throwing my copy in the fire..

Anonymous said...

Bonfire yes. not worth recycling.

Anonymous said...

Elaine soo sorry I addressed you as Ellen!! With all this negativity my brain has been a bit topsy turvy !!

Anonymous said...

I have not seen the mag, nor do I intend to read it. I did hear that Monotone Mikalena's story is about deer meat recipes. Thanks for sharing,Mikelina.

Anonymous said...

The Mt.Lebanon magazine is simply a puff publication. If the magazine is so important, let the interested readers subscribe at their expense to finance the magazine and editor. The proposed trip for the editor is a boondoggle. Stop wasting taxpayer earnings.

Anonymous said...

Why should taxpayers fund the training for staff that should have already had the same training before they were hired by the municipality?
It's smarter to hire someone who can hit the ground running on day one of the job.

E. T. Gillen said...

Registration for The Folio: Show begins now. The home page states: "The Folio: Show is your opportunity to connect with your peers, forge new partnerships and connect the dots for your growing business." There is no way that the magazine can grow, unless you count the eleven houses going in at Summit Point or if/when the Zamagias property is developed.

Anonymous said...

Which activities appeal to Ms. Morgans ? The run thru Central Park ? The 30 under 30 Awards Luncheon ? If I were a betting man, my money would be on Happy Hour at 5pm today and the team takeaways.

E. T. Gillen said...

In addition to the $1000 registration fee that we paid, travel expenses include airfare to LaGuardia, estimated taxi fare: $55 (one way), a discounted rate of $369 for a Deluxe Room or $399 for a Premier Room, additional meals not included, cab ride to her favorite hair salon - at least they don't have two hour limit parking meters at her favorite hair salon, taxes and tips.
I dread what this trip is ultimately costing taxpayers. Good work, Commissioners. Maybe now, you'll start looking at the monthly expenditures before approving them.

Jason Margolis said...

Ummm, no The Commissioners won't. Only Mayors McGill and Morgans look at them. The high-end public employees will, of course, approve their own perks - and the cycle continues...

Anonymous said...

30 under 30 Awards...Run in Central Park..."develop a professional network that will serve you for years to come"

Ms. Morgans doesn't fit their demographics.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to Jason. You're right. The cycle will continue.

Anonymous said...

If Mr. McGill and Ms. Morgans are looking for direction, follow Pittsburgh Tribune Review. Shut down the print edition operation.

Jason Margolis said...

What Mayor McGill proposes as the potential benefits of this conference for Mayor Morgan will remain a distant hypothetical unless it becomes a defined outcome.

For example, if she was charged to "Go to this conference and come back with ways to make the Magazine self-sustaining with no taxpayer dollars spent," then they might have an argument for attendance.

But that will not happen. Mayor Morgan will likely come back a little more personally cosmopolitan, and professionally irrelevant.