Wednesday, October 19, 2016

How do #33 and #10 sound?

It's the first time in two years the Pennsylvania Department of Education has calculated scores for each of the school districts in the state. Here's how local eighth grades did.

Andrew W. Mellon Middle School ranked #33 in the state.

Thomas Jefferson Middle School ranked #10 in the state.


Anonymous said...

Just tried to get the elementary data from and the PDE pulled it off for a "review of the integrity of the data". That's interesting because is reporting what they indicate is up to date from PDE PSSAs, etc and their results indicate Mt Lebanon elementary schools ranked from #11-#189. How sad it is that the state spends tremendous sums of money on these tests, only reports results on the years they think they get it right, and then pulls the data from the public when there are "integrity" problems? Meanwhile the kids would like a few extra kickball games for the effort they put into these tests instead of actually engaging educational and creative pursuits. Meanwhile, practically neighboring school districts are going broke.

Jason Margolis said...

Well said, 11:30pm. An 8-year-old learns more from preparing for a kick ball game than a PSSA. The former is authentic in social learning, the latter is a fraud in objective measurement.