Friday, October 7, 2016

What does this mean?

On Monday's Commission Discussion Session Agenda, Item number 5:

Section 914 Tax Rates from the Home Rule Charter

Is this going to be one of those crazy referendums again? Remember this one that was on the front page of The Almanac? Brilliant MTL Commissioners and and the Voters Violate State Law
November 2014
Oh what will they think of next?


Jason Margolis said...

They are running out of legal ways to fund the Ponzi scheme... it's only a matter of time. House of cards.

Anonymous said...

It means they need money for the ice rink, the artificial turf

account, the deer cull, loss in taxes, fees, permits, fines, rec

programs, parking meters, for sewer work, street

reconstruction, public works

Anonymous said...

Bingo 10:19. Also for cell phones, NY travel, payrolls, pensions, healthcare, vehicles and banquets.

Private industries have been operating on austere, cost cutting programs for years. At the same time government has been looking for more ways to spend.