Wednesday, December 7, 2016

A Rally for Unity! UPDATED December 19, 2016


As you may have heard, there has been several identity-based or hate-related incidents recently in and around our community. These actions have marred our town in the public eye and have made people feel less safe, less welcome, and in one case, led to a person being physically assaulted. These incidents need to be condemned for what they are- completely at odds with the shared values of inclusion and acceptance that so many of us cherish here in Mt. Lebanon.

Accordingly we are very proud to host a Rally for Unity designed to bring our community together on Sunday, December 18th at 4:30pm at the Mt. Lebanon Rec Center plaza. 

We are very excited that this burgeoning effort has already drawn the support of the Mt. Lebanon School District and the Municipality, as well as several local religious institutions, elected officials, and concerned citizens from across our area. It is our hope that on the 18th we will have many local residents and families present, as well as representatives from every local organization that helps make up the fabric of our community. While everyone is welcome, please keep in mind that this is not a political event. Party labels and attacks on individual leaders will only dilute our message.

Quite simply, we believe it is important to reaffirm that bigotry and hate in any form have no home here. 

More information about our program will be coming soon, but please feel free to share this event. Additionally, if any local group or organization would like to be listed as a partner, please be sure to contact Rep. Miller's office at 412-343-3870 ASAP.

Update December 9, 2016 5:17 PM An open letter to State Rep. Dan Miller.

From:egillen476 <>
To:repmiller <>
Cc:commission <>
Subject:Unity Rally
Date:Fri, Dec 9, 2016 5:10 pm
Attachments:1020CD16_12-9-16 Commonwealth Decision.pdf (326K)

Hi Dan,

I wanted to let you know that I will not be attending your Unity Rally, but want to thank you for organizing this rally. It would be hypocritical of me to attend knowing that the hateful commissioners, who thrive on divisive issues, will be in attendance. 

I have attached the Commonwealth Court affirmation to this email. The commissioners spent our tax dollars and hired Tony DeNicola so that they can wash their hands of any responsibility to their actions. In my mind, I do not see how permitting bloodshed in our community is anywhere close to promoting unity in Mt. Lebanon. Just read the haters' comments in the PG about my case. It is really sad.

Good luck and I hope that your good intentions have a positive effect on Mt. Lebanon.

Elaine Gillen

Update December 19, 2016 10:00 AM The P-G reported that yesterday's Unity Rally DID bring up the Election, which went against Dan Miller's number one rule. Crowd gathers in Mt. Lebanon to praise inclusion


Jason Margolis said...

Will anything pragmatic or practical be unveiled, like an initiative to break down the enclaves of rich, poor, black, white, other, and others, in MTL and the larger region? Or is this just to feel like we are actually creating social change for an hour, and then go back to our privileged zip codes to sip high-end whisky by the roaring fire?

Anonymous said...

"Party labels and attacks on individual leaders will only dilute our message."

Jason nailed it. Isn't the very fact that the above sentence needs to even appear in the rally announcement speak volumes about our community!

After the rally is over will everyone go back to evaluating and labeling store shoppers, discrediting bloggers points of view, pigeon-holing opponents on issues, mocking and deriding less affluent neighboring communities and looking out for future political lawn signs to steal or deface?

But for an hour or two, we'll sing kumbaya and we'll all feel good.

E. T. Gillen said...

Dan asked me to notify my church to see if they would like to partner this event. I sent the FB event to NextDoor too. Lots of haters on that list. I know that some Lebo residents were ousted from their NextDoor group. This was a year or so ago.

I resent being called anti-Semitic from several anonymous commenters here. Growing up, we were the only Christians in the neighborhood. I played Hebrew School, went to the Purim Carnival at Temple Emanuel, played dreidel, and ate matzoh with my friends during Passover. I always felt part of the Jewish community. I, too, am offended that Larry is fearful. He was honored as a Great Mt. Lebanon Alumni, for goodness sake. He is currently the school board president. Really, Larry?

How about the anonymous commenters/haters in the PG, Trib, and The Almanac? When are the newspapers going to take some responsibility?

To have the municipality partner this love fest, is hypocritical especially with Cpl. Hughes on the streets "keeping the peace" in Mt. Lebanon.

I wish Mt. Lebanon would go back to the way it used to be and our local elected officials stop with their divisive agendas. Deer, dog parks, high school renovation, renovating guide for Virginia Manor, PAYT, artificial turf, entitled municipal staff, arrogant elected officials on the school board and commission.

With that said, I am supporting Dan and hope that it is a step in the right direction.

Jason Margolis said...

Dan's a good guy ... if any local politician can make that event non-vapid and less self-righteous, it would be him. But he'll be fighting against a huge tide ...