Tuesday, December 6, 2016

School Board Reorganization meeting

Last night, the school board directors reorganized and selected Mary Birks as the new president of the Mt. Lebanon School Board.

Mary had a heated first meeting. Parents were up in arms about the recent racist incidents at our schools, and wanted specifics. One parent used the N-word when describing what was taking place and Mary freaked out. I wonder if MTLSD will edit that out when airing the meeting.

Here is the unedited audio. December 5, 2016 Reorganization Meeting


Anonymous said...

I was surprised Dr. Steinhauer indicated none of these incidences constituted hate crimes. I recognize intent matters but if hate speech or symbolism occurs within an act of vandalism, it is not considered free speech and it is not protected. Wearing a swastika on a t-shirt in public, for example, is different from drawing a swastika on a bathroom wall. Likewise, for the N-word on the football dummy. Also, why does he continue to say, "I can assure you..." when he obviously cannot! Great job by all the parents but I can imagine they felt the condescension and indifference from Steinhauer.

E. T. Gillen said...

So Timmy says, "I can assure you." Well, what do you know?

"I can assure you" scolded me for calling the superintendent, "Timmy." Hmm.

E. T. Gillen said...

"I can assure you" claimed to be a student, writing during lunch, in between classes, and during a free period. "I can assure you" also remembered the offensive Devil's Advocate article from three years ago, defending "fellow" student a few weeks ago citing that it was satire. Timmy also said that. Gee, you don't think...?

Anonymous said...

A swastika drawn in the mulch or the "N" word written on a blocking pad is probably nothing compared to what the students send back and forth to each other before, during and after school on their cell phones being that anyone can access the school wi-fi during school time and much of the Internet is a cesspool of information. Gee..I wonder who monitors the cell phones?

Nick M.

Anonymous said...

In another middle school, there is a 10k reward for leads on who drew the swastikas in their school bathroom. Further, a letter detailing what happened and investigation details was sent home to parents.


Anonymous said...

was shocked to hear Lebowitz's response to parent comments on the swastika event that he too was scared. Really?! He's scared?

He lives in one of Pennsylvania's most affluent communities, he's been elected a school director and been its president. Mt. Lebanon has elected a man named Raja as commissioner and somehow we're racist or bigots?
Mt. Lebanon has had an embraced Jews and as a community supports two large and prosperous temples, The JCC and Chabad on Banksville.

Maybe I'm missing something, has Lebo overnight turned anti-Semetic?

Is he afraid that suddenly our community is going to have a Warsaw-like Jewish ghetto and it will require him to wear the Star of David on his coat?

Sure we must be ever vigilant and watch out for each other, but I'm insulted and deeply offended that he thinks so little of his neighbors, this community and the school district he leads, that he is scared of us!