Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Mt. Lebanon Police Officer Defendant in PFA Case UPDATED 2X

Oh. My. God.

Judge denies police officer, defendant in PFA case, use of duty firearm

Update December 7, 2016 9:17 PM An email from the Chief of Police:

 Aaron Lauth <>
Sent: Wednesday, December 7, 2016 10:04 PM
To: Concerned Resident
Subject: Re: Officer Hughes

Concerned Resident,

Protection From Abuse (PFA) orders are a very important civil process granted by the courts in cases of domestic violence and abuse.  MLPD recommends and handles these orders regularly, so we are extremely familiar with their significance in protecting victims of violence in domestic situations.  

In case you are not familiar with the process for obtaining a Protection From Abuse (PFA) order in Pennsylvania, please allow me to explain.  One party, who alleges that they are a victim of domestic violence, may appear in front of a judge in order to voice their allegation of abuse and/or fear for their safety.  Based on the account of this single party, without the opposing party being heard, the judge must render a decision whether or not to grant the PFA order.  Rightfully so, judges usually err on the side of caution and grant the court order to help protect the victim.  These orders are initially temporary and usually last for approximately one to two weeks until a hearing can be scheduled in front of the judge.  At this hearing, both parties have the opportunity to voice their side of the story, call witnesses, present evidence, etc.  At the conclusion of the hearing, and after listening to both sides, the judge will decide if the PFA should be extended, amended or vacated completely.

Also an important component of PFA orders is their requirement to surrender firearms for the duration of the order.  This is crucial to protecting victims from further abuse or possible death.  Firearms are handed over and secured until the results of the hearing are known.

Accordingly, Cpl. Hughes is not scheduled to work the streets until after he has had his opportunity to have his case heard by the judge.  We (MLPD) will await the results of the PFA hearing, scheduled for next week, before he will be allowed to work in uniform for the MLPD.  It is also important that we allow for due process to occur and provide him his opportunity to have his day in court.

It should also be noted that MLPD was in contact with the Pennsylvania State Police about this alleged incident.  The independent State Police investigation has concluded and did not recommend any criminal charges against Cpl. Hughes in this incident.


Aaron V. Lauth
Chief of Police
Mt Lebanon Police Department
555 Washington Road
Pittsburgh, PA  15228
FBI NA Session #264

Update December 9, 2016 11:12 AM The Almanac has nothing about Officer Hughes. Why is that? Only about SMART formerly known as PAYT. I also found that Officer Hughes became a member of the Dormont-Mt. Lebanon Sportsmen's Club in October 2002. That is about as close to finding out if he was an approved archer to kill in our public parks.


Anonymous said...

I once lived in Mount Lebanon. What happened to everyone ? Killing deer, swastikas in and out of the schools, graffiti, cops with PFA' & arsenols of guns & threatening to kill their wives in the woods ! You are a bunch of savages !

Anonymous said...

This was the police officer who went to the middle schools to talk about bullying. nice!

Anonymous said...

'Sheriff Samuel Romano, confirmed that Hughes’ gun collection includes 120 weapons, which presented the sheriff’s office with a quandary of where to store such a large number of firearms after the seizure.' The sheriff's office was in a quandary of where to store such a large number of firearms after the seizure. A quandary. 120 weapons. No red flags there, Chief.

Anonymous said...

What about the ammunition? Did he have ammunition for the 120 weapons? What types of weapons? Are they all legal and registered? Why isn't there a fitness for duty examination before he returns to work? The city of Pittsburgh has a policy in place and has done this for years. I recognize some people collect *some* guns but given the threat to kill his wife, this situation should prompt Mt Lebanon to do some serious investigating! Otherwise, I'd hold them liable if a problem emerges *at any time* with this officer.

Anonymous said...

Not surprised of the lack of media coverage... more sweeping under the rug.

E. T. Gillen said...

PFAs are not available online in Washington County as they are here in Allegheny County. Perhaps the PG and the Trib aren't able to follow court records as well as they can in Allegheny County. The other possibility is they are "sweeping under the rug," 12:04 AM, and Mt. Lebanon is keeping it out of the newspapers.

E. T. Gillen said...

11:58 PM, I immediately thought of guns, but you are right. They could even be cross bows. He could have been one of the archers. But we don't have the right to know because they are "donating" their time to kill deer.

I am more concerned that a police officer with a PFA against him this week, had been talking with middle school students about bullying. His arsenal was so large that the Washington County sheriff's office couldn't store it. What was Hughes planning to do with it? This town is so messed up.

Anonymous said...


E. T. Gillen said...

Come on, 6:56 AM, you know better than to ask that. It would never show up in mtl Magazine. To be fair, the magazine requires more lead time, so it would be months before we would read about it. Not that it is fit to print in mtl Magazine.

Anonymous said...

Not to change the subject, but because you mentioned SMART, formerly known as PAYT, Elaine, I am wondering if you know if the commission voted on this issue? Before the last commission meeting, private citizens were distributing leaflets to residences pleading for taxpayers to call/email Ward 2 Commissioner Steve Silverman and ask him to vote yes on the SMART program. Good luck there. Silverman doesn't return calls or emails, but maybe some messages got through to him.