Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Did they or didn't they?

The commissioners were suppose to approve a tax increase last night, but unless you went to the meeting, there is no way of knowing until you wait for the video of the meeting.

I sent this email to our commissioners:

If you voted to raise our taxes last night, how about a LeboAlert telling us about the tax increase? There is no mention of a tax increase on the municipal website. The School District updates their website right after their meeting. The only mention of the commission meeting on Facebook is a photo of Kelly Fraasch and the junior commissioner. 
Elaine Gillen
Here is what is on mtl Magazine's Facebook page:
This is how Keith McGill responds to Nick Meduho's questions about his recommended budget.

Mr. Meduho,
This email will serve as a response to all of your emails related to the Manager's 2017 recommended budget. Until the Commission approves/adopts the budget in December the budget is a draft document and as such the numbers are subject to change. To continue to expend staff time to provide a response to numbers that are subject to change is an inefficient and fiscally irresponsible use of taxpayer funds, therefore there will be no further response to these requests. 
Nick's options were to ask his questions last night right before the budget got passed.

So much for direct access to timely, relevant information.
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