Sunday, December 4, 2016

Game Commission: Semi-automatic weapons next year for PA woodlands and Lebo

Pennsylvania will be the 49th state to permit semi-automatic weapons during deer hunting season next year. Governor Wolf signed the legislation last month.

The board will decide which types of game can be hunted with a semi-automatic rifle, any limits on ammunition and when the rules will go into effect. 
Commission spokesman Travis Lau said the board has its first quarterly meeting in January and could formally approve new rules as early as April. The board will meet Monday in a workshop-style session. 
“We do expect them to begin the discussion on semi-automatic rifles for any hunting or all hunting,” Lau said.
This change could be helpful to older or disabled hunters.
State Rep. Eli Evankovich, R-Murrysville, said the change can be beneficial to hunters who are older, disabled or have difficulty manually reloading. 
“I think we should be adult enough to allow people to do that,” he said. 
Additionally, air- and gas-powered rifles are permitted for hunting as part of the amendment. Semi-automatic shotguns for hunting certain species are permitted in designated areas of five counties in the state, including a portion of Allegheny County.
Don't you all feel better that our governor signed this legislation?  People who have trouble with vision or mobility will benefit and be able to participate in killing deer in Mt. Lebanon next year. Thanks Mt. Lebanon Commissioners.


Anonymous said...

Democrat Governor signed...5 Democrat Commissioners introduced Deer Management program to Mount Lebanon...

Jason Margolis said...

Mt. Lebo's take on the ADA ... so progressive!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Gov. For making the situation in Lebo even worse!

Anonymous said...

There are no Democrat commissioners in Mt. Lebanon, at least not part of the Democratic Party that I know. Instead, they seem to be leftovers from the feudal system.