Monday, December 5, 2016

The 100-Yard Deception

For years, Fieldturf made millions of dollars selling faulty fields to taxpayers across the US knowing they might fall apart.

To find out which schools in Pittsburgh (and there are quite a few) got burned, find potentially faulty artificial turf fields in your neighborhood here

Read The 100-Yard Deception: A 6-month investigation into FieldTurf


Anonymous said...

"Ten months later, FieldTurf executives flew to New Jersey to check out the product, known as Duraspine, in one of their most lucrative markets. They discovered more trouble. The turf was breaking apart and lying flat, undermining their own breathless marketing materials that heralded its revolutionary durability."

Didn't we discover that the turf over at the high school is "lying flat" and "breaking apart?" Elaine even posted pictures of this on her blog.

When it was brought to the attention of Dave Brumfield I believe he stated that it's just normal wear.

Nick M.

Anonymous said...

This is actually even more disturbing than I would have imagined. The NJ journalists did not even touch on the subject of health issues. I can't imagine the findings if they did. Super discouraging and reason enough to avoid games played on FieldTurf. Thanks for sharing.