Sunday, February 5, 2017

Black History Month and Community Relations Board 2001

So much has changed since the PG published this article sixteen years ago. Black History Month: Mt. Lebanon's past of not selling homes to minorities is highlighted by Muhammad Ali's effort to buy in Virginia Manor
  • Laura Pace has a different last name, is now Senior Editor/Online Editor for mtl Magazine, and has fifteen minute workdays.
  • Susan Fleming Stroyd has a different last name, and approves Laura's fifteen minute workdays.
  • Mt. Lebanon's population in 1970 was 39,356, down 6,000 in 2001, and seems to be flat at 33,477 in 2010.
  • "Mt. Lebanon often wears a polished veneer, but even municipal officials do not pretend the environment is perfect." In 2017, municipal officials pretend the environment is perfect. However, the Community Relations Board (CRB) with Susan Morgans as staff liaison, is continuing its diversity efforts from 2001 with Unity Programs in 2017.
  • "We really make a special attempt to get more people of color in the magazine," said Susan Fleming Stroyd, editor-in-chief of Mt. Lebanon Magazine. Like this, Susan? to market, to market, to buy a...
  • The 2001 article boasts that CRB members were proud of Mt. Lebanon's acceptance of Sanders consent decree homes. Now retired Federal Court Judge Gustave Diamond issued a court order for six Sanders Task Force homes in Mt. Lebanon in 1998, a temporary program to be reevaluated in ten years, and was never reevaluated. At one time, there were eleven Mt. Lebanon tax exempt homes owned by the Allegheny County Housing Authority. I believe there are seven tax exempt Sanders homes remaining, two within 200 feet of Rockwood Park. 
  • The CRB held a May 6, 2001 Walk to Celebrate Diversity that included a 2-mile stroll with a theme of "You Belong Here." Now, we're told that if you don't like it here, move.
  • "As long as you keep on plugging away, there is going to be some change. I believe in accentuating the positive and it will eventually make its way into the minds of the people." - February 21, 2001


Jason Margolis said...

And look, some actual real reporting by the PPG 15 years ago! Ah, the good old days...

... word is, some MTL residents would rather celebrate Valentine's Day-only in February. Black History Month might be too "icky." Who wants to think of red lining, institutional racism, and white flight to the suburbs? That might shed too much light on the veneer's stains.

Anonymous said...

I remember when Laura Pace was the Post-Gazette reporter covering Mt. Lebanon's deer controversy. It was frustrating, because all of her articles seemed so biased. Then that mystery was resolved, Susan Morgan's hired her as Senior Editor/Online Editor for Mt. Lebo Magazine. No conflict of interest there. Maybe John Hayes is hoping for another sweetheart deal. He's going to need another job; i.e. I don't think he's going to be the next American Idol.

E. T. Gillen said...

I approved 6:14 PM's anonymous comment because he or she is pro-deer and donated the comment to Lebo Citizens.

Anonymous said...

Strange-- this pathetic little magazine with a 34,000 (est.) circulation (THAT ONLY HAS THOSE CIRCULATION NUMBERS BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO GET IT) has an overpaid Editor-In-Chief, a Managing Editor, and a Senior Editor/Online Editor.

Besides the three editors, MTL magazine has 14 supporting staffers listed in "Our Team" which includes a number of contributors not listed that appear that may or may not be compensated.

Are they serious? It's a stinking community magazine.

Let's compare it to USC's Today magazine which covers both the municipality AND the school district news with a lot less money.


Matthew R. Serakowski, Township Manager
Dr. Patrick T. O'Toole, Superintendent of Schools
Steering Committee
Mark S. Mansfield, Assistant Township Manager
Paul K. Fox, School District Representative
Editors and Staff
Linda M. Dudzinski, Editor-in-Chief
Terry Kish, Associate Editor
Colleen DeMarco, Office Manager and Advertising Executive
Lynn Dempsey, Advertising Executive
Dorothy Clark, Graphic Designer
Alison Hess, Marketing Executive

I'll bet not one of those USC editors or staffers has a work paid for phone or tablet!

Anonymous said...

Mt. Lebanon's decline in population is worrisome, but look at Pennsylvania as a whole.

List of shrinking cities in the United States. Look at Pittsburgh, Philly, Erie, Scranton, Johnstown, Reading.

But hey, don't worry about it, deer are the problem. Our politicians, locally and across the state will keep raising taxes and fees on those staying behind to keep the teachers/public employee pension plans afloat, build lavish Taj Mahals to education and assure that those that ran public utilities like the water systems into disrepair keep their golden parachutes.

Of course the school district(s) will once again get their exemptions and exclusions to raise property taxes above the Act 1 limits to cover their skyrocketing pension shortfalls.

Those districts will whine that Harrisburg doesn't give us enough money! Wish they'd figure out that Harrisburg gets its money from the same place as they do — us!

To borrow from a TV commercial question-- "What's in your wallet?"

E. T. Gillen said...

PLEASE sign your name. Your comments just unleash all the trolls. I am only printing anti-killing of deer comments anonymously. Gotta protect the pro-deer folks.

Anonymous said...

OK, apologies Elaine.Let's make it about killing deer then.

Rather than the solicitor working on ways to keep the $100,000 annual deer culling locations secret why aren't these legal wizards coming up with solutions for the municipality to divest itself of the million dollar Twin Hills and McNeilly properties that serve pretty much no one?

They provide havens for the deer and if developed into tax generating housing or business space we could afford to air condition our elementary schools or fix the ice rink without a bond.

Furthermore, we'd probably have fewer deer to deal with thereby reducing vehicle/deer accidents.

E. T. Gillen said...

10:55 AM, thanks for your comment, but this post isn't about deer. I am only accepting anonymous comments pertaining to blog postings about the killing of deer in Mt. Lebanon. To answer your question about the two parks, we're stuck with keeping them for recreational purposes only. You'll find more info if you do a search for those parks on this blog or Blog Lebo.

Anonymous said...

Recreation purposes only???

Like hunting?🤷‍♀️