Friday, February 3, 2017

"It’s been quiet.” UPDATED 4X

Finally, Susan and I agree on something! At least how quiet it has been. Susan Morgans was quoted by her minion John Hayes in his report Mt. Lebanon deer reduction enters firearm phase
“There’s been very little public comment, even at the public meetings,” said Mt. Lebanon spokeswoman Susan Morgans. “I don’t know what that means — people have moved on to other things? It’s been quiet.”
I think I can explain why there has been very little public comment, Susan. For one thing, taking me to Common Pleas Court has had quite a chilling effect. I haven't been to a commission meeting for over a year. I can hear your applause from here, Susan. It has had a chilling effect on others as well. Ah, more applause.

It has been quiet, Susan. Look at what you have posted on mtl - Mt. Lebanon Magazine Facebook feed. Nothing about the lethal deer program. We do see helpful tips about clearing snow away from fire hydrants, in case of fire. Yes, very important. Keep our doors locked since Mt. Lebanon has intruders because of the regional drug problem. We must protect ourselves. Agreed. Several posts about Punxsutawney Phil. Being prepared for what is to come is another helpful tip. Be prepared and protect yourselves is the takeaway here. But don't be prepared or want to protect yourself when it comes to firing .223 caliber rifles in a densely populated community. Got it.

Let's look at Twitter. Wow! There is hope yet!

 Feb 2
Deer Management Information

More promising news on the municipal home page! We don't have to scroll through "Trending Now" to find the deer management information. Thank you to commissioners or Keith McGill for listening to my emails. I had written:
The 2017 executed (or is it execution?) contract for "sharpshooting" has been posted on the municipal site and here on Lebo Citizens. Note: The municipal link is the direct link to the contract. It is hidden by scrolling through "Trending Now, " > Deer Management Information posted on July 20, 2016 > Additional Info.... Mt. Lebanon wouldn't want any of the killing information on the Home page.
Susan, if we could get an announcement on Facebook or if the police could utilize their public access to Nextdoor and alert folks of a situation that could be deadly if one is in the wrong place at the wrong time, I would feel much better. I can just do so much on Blogger, Nextdoor, and Facebook.

So what are we doing instead of speaking at public meetings? You can bet we have moved on - to more effective ways of fighting this issue. We're finding candidates who have common sense to replace the buffoons who call themselves commissioners and claim that shooting firearms in a densely populated community, without telling the public which areas to avoid, is a good idea.

Update February 3, 2017 10:58 AM mtl Magazine has just published an app on Facebook which drastically reduces waiting time at the bar. But nothing about firing lethal weapons in Mt. Lebanon. Shaking my head.

Update February 5, 2017 7:10 AM Results of PG Poll

Update February 5, 2017 7:22 AM While the Post-Gazette continues to publish stories about lead in school drinking water (see Butler County school closed after increased lead levels found in water supply), John Hayes wrote this beauty. Lead ammo order won’t be enforced This is exactly what we have been saying for years. The meat that is going to food banks is tainted with lead. While everyone gets warm fuzzies because the venison is going to a good cause, think about how we are poisoning the less fortunate.

Update February 5, 2017 8:46 AM It's not all negative. I love the caption under the PG's photo. Look Up Lebo!


Anonymous said...

Elaine, I'm so appreciative of your blog; i.e. it's the only vehicle that the citizens have access to that pulls the curtain back on Mt. Lebanon's misinformation and propaganda strategy to expose the truth, which is so critically important when it comes to issues of lethal weapons and the safety threat they pose to the families, children, and pets in Mt. Lebanon. In addition, you expose the unethical journalistic integrity of the Post-Gazette, which continues to allow John Hayes, the Post-Gazette's pro-hunting Outdoor's editor and columnist, to impersonate an unbiased objective news reporter reporting on the highly contested deer hunting/shooting controversy in Mt. Lebanon. This is way too much misinformation and bias for individual citizens to analyse and figure out on their own w/o your dedicated scrutiny. Thank you!

E. T. Gillen said...

Thank you, 1:27 PM.

Anonymous said...

The results of the Post-Gazette's Poll:

Do you support the use of firearms to manage Mt. Lebanon's deer?

35% Yes

57% No

8% No strong take

Jason Margolis said...

Ha, and me and several others didn't even vote - boycotted it. In fact, as long as John Hayes continues to "report" on the deer issue, and as long as the PPG continues to serve as MTL Magazine Lite, the PPG doesn't exist to me.

Why should Elaine be the only one putting any checks and balances on a leader-less, mayor-less, disorganized group in charge of $100M?

Step up, newspapers!!! Make journalism great again!!!

Anonymous said...

Shoot those damn deer, they have no business...
1. Getting the way of that vehicle in the photo
2. Using a crosswalk created for people.

Get your priorities straight people. We have failing and neglected regional infrastructures, stormwater handling problems, a school pension crisis, deteriorating sidewalks and streets, bad water with lead, etc., etc. and what do our elected officials want to pick your pocket for?

An annual $100,000 deer cull to keep a handful of homeowners landscaping free of deer. Making sure a PIO gets her annual NY excursion in and select employees get the latest iPhone.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget people, while we're spending $100,000/year to kill deer that so far hasn't done a damn things to make you safer from deer/vehicle accidents that crown jewel articificial turf will be deteriorating and need a $800,000 to $1,000,000 replacement for which our leaders aren't banking any money for.

Anonymous said...

While the Commissioners, Susan Morgans, and John Hayes, try to use the humanitarian ruse to suppress resident opposition to the dangerous and inhumane deer slaughter by promoting the donation of the meat to the poor, the facts present a different more disturbing reality.


* Wild venison doesn't originate from an approved USDA inspected food source.

* The meat doesn't go through a USDA inspection to make sure it's safe to eat.

* The field-dressing (gutting) process subjects the meat to environmental contamination and temperature abuse, i.e. E-Coli and other bacterial contamination.

* Recent CDC studies show that eating (rifle shot) venison significantly raises lead exposure to dangerous levels, especially for children and pregnant women.

* Wild venison typically has high levels of herbicides and pesticides from browsing on treated grass, i.e. True Green applications on yards and Mt. Lebanon golf course.

In Rochester NY the USDA made an exception and inspected deer meat from a bait and shoot culling. They wrote, "All of the venison which was salvaged from the bait and shoot operation in Rochester was found to be unfit for human consumption ... The intention had been to donate this meat to the NYS prison system to be fed to prisoners. We have seized it and will oversee its destruction."

At risk are low-income beneficiaries of venison donation. While the rich can choose between their USDA inspected meats, the poor are being fed uninspected meats with the high probability of disease and bacterial contamination, and dangerous levels of lead and pesticides poisoning.

This issue has become even more serious with the lead poisoning guidelines being recently revised.

Lead poisoning guidelines revised; more considered at risk

Some additional articles for reference:

Lead found in donated venison at food shelves

Minnesota food shelves will halt distribution of venison donated by hunters after lead particles were discovered in ground venison at North Dakota food shelves. ... Authorities urged that any donated meat that had already left the food shelves not be eaten.

Eating venison, other game raises lead exposure

Wild game source of lead for those who eat the hunted meat.

So if anyone gets sick or worse on Mt. Lebanon's donated venison, Mt. Lebanon should be legally liable for damages.

Anonymous said...

Hayes is wooing Morgans with his music.

Anonymous said...

Link from above post reg. John Hayes wooing Morgans. OMG !!! PLEASE set this man FREE. :)

E. T. Gillen said...

I took down the anonymous comment about the drinking app, and the anonymous response to the anonymous comment about the drinking app, and never published the original anonymous' comeback. This is what happens. We get way off topic and then the debate escalates into something bigger. Sorry guys. I should never have published the initial comment.