Monday, February 13, 2017

Wow! SMART/PAYT people will not be happy to read this UPDATED

Is recycling really the best way to keep plastic out of the oceans?

Update February 13, 2017 5:53 PM A reminder to Lebo Citizens Readers - I will not be accepting anonymous comments for this thread. The good news is that Dave Brumfield and Company want to hear from YOU concerning PAYT. Lebo commissioners hoping for resident feedback on trash collections

Also, a copy of the feasibility study presented to the commissioners in September 2014 is available here.
Six of seven panel members, regardless of their opinion of PAYT, agree that PAYT is not the most pressing issue in the community.
I'm sure these two important points from the document will never be highlighted in MTL's propaganda.

• Winners and Losers: Some groups (renters, large families and residents on fixed incomes) may find it difficult to reduce the amounts of MSW that they place at the curbside and/or pay for the bags or tags that will be required by the program.
• Administration Costs: The new system will require adequate ongoing funding for supervision, billing, enforcement, outreach, and education. These costs may offset gains from savings.

Ongoing funding. My recent salary post shows what happens to "administrative" costs. The additional annual municipal staffing will eventually will eventually overtake any PAYT savings to the municipality and land on the backs of homeowners.

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Anonymous said...

First off, Like deer culling that will never reduce vehicle/deer accidents by the states goal of 50%, PAYT will never deliver on its promise of saving the environment.

In trying to reduce the number of deer the commissioners created an ordinance that forbids feeding deer. So what do the commissioners turn around and do, you got it lure deer into MTL by putting out bait for them to feed on.

Now look at a PAYT scheme we all already participate in.
We pay $3.50 per tire to properly dispose of our used car tires. Suppose to save the environment right?
So what did the "we worry about saving the environment" commissioners do. They bought 20,000-40,000 we properly disposed off, had them ground up into pellets and spread them all over a sports field.

How stupid can we be?