Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Brick Street Policy - 25 minutes, Archery Hunt - 10 minutes

The agenda for tonight's Commission Discussion Session is posted here. If Dave Brumfield adheres to the schedule, "Ian McMeans, Matt Bagaley and others will present the policy for discussion" for twenty-five minutes. Ian McMeans is the assistant manager. Matt Bagaley is from Gateway Engineering. I wonder who the "others" are.

Twenty-five minutes for a discussion about brick streets sounds like a long time to "review of possible policy for the replacement of brick streets." I bet high maintenance Ward 1 gets their way again.

Keith McGill, not Tony DeNicola, will be providing a review of 2016 controlled archery hunt report. In ten minutes or less. What a gig! Tony DeNicola, Bonnie Cross, and Susan Morgans account for almost $500,000 of the municipal budget. Manager McGill earns way too much to answer emails from residents and be the frontman for the deer killing. 

On another note, core drilling took place at Public Works. This is in preparation for the Public Works Facility and Firing Range project at the tune of $6,735,000. I wonder if Tony will lure the deer inside the firing range to kill them. 


Jason Margolis said...

The proof will be in this year's MTL home sales, and the season is about to begin.

I have talked to 3 realtors already who are very worried.

The question will be: Will the citizens continue to fund all these unnecessary bells-and-whistles at incredibly high tax rates ($10K/year on a $300K house and expected to rise)?

So far, the answer has been yes. But there are serious concerns that this may be the year the house of cards falls.

E. T. Gillen said...

As much as I would like to publish your comment about screwing Bendel's brick streets, I can't since you did not sign your name. ;) Why don't you write to the commissioners at commission@mtlebanon.org and let them know how you feel? Or come to the meeting tonight and tell them directly.

Anonymous said...

My understanding from a realtor is that Mt. Lebanon housing prices have been inflated by one real estate company. It can't continue like this. The bubble will burst.