Monday, February 6, 2017

Good news, but only for six months

Washington Road Meters to allow 3rd Hour - In an effort to accommodate Uptown guests who need additional time for their visit, while maintaining necessary limitations to on-street parking, the Municipality is rolling out a 6 month trial of 3 hour parking at most meters along Washington Road. Following is what this means in plain English:
    • 6 mins = $.10
    • 15 mins = $.25
    • 1 hr. = $1
    • 2 hr. = $2
    • 3 hr. = $4 total ($2 base rate + $2 one hour jump rate for hour 3)
The meters that offer the "3rd hour option" will have stickers making this clear. Only the meters with a sticker will offer the 3rd hour option. After 6 months the Parking Advisory Board with staff will review the pilot program to determine it's operation. This will be a benefit to those who need additional time for a hair appointment* or a leisurely lunch. 

*Not a pretty sight Thank you, Mt. Lebanon. If you could finish working on the North Garage during this six month trial, it would be swell.

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