Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Four yeses. More deer to kill.

With Kelly Fraasch absent, four commissioners approved spending $9000 so that the charlatan can oversee the same archers kill deer in the same public and private properties as last year. After all, Tony DeNicola said that more deer need to be killed.

DeNicola's comment about killing the dumbest deer reveals his true character. In the comments section from yesterday's PG story:

this ignorant quote by DeNicola reveals the true character of the man. They didn't kill the dumbest deer, they killed the tame deer that trusted the humans who brought hunters and shooters on to their property to kill the doe and her fawns that apparently browsed on their tulips. This tame doe likely led her fawns right up to the bow hunters and shooters in complete trust to be slaughtered. What a cowardly and unethical act of killing defenseless and gentle animals. As far as I'm concerned, a man that gets his kicks from killing tame animals is a man with no honor or moral character, a coward. And they call this the "sport" of "hunting". I hold the same sentiments for the residents.

In that same story, the PG shows a poll with some interesting results:

In Janice Crompton's PG article*, Archers to cull deer again in Mt. LebanonCrompton points out the obvious.
Despite the cull, however, reported deer-vehicle collisions still are on the rise.
In the first half of this year, 47 crashes were reported — a significant increase over the 18 reported during the same time frame last year.
“I don’t understand how the accidents went up,” said resident Stacey Chick. “Calling this a safe program is fallacious.”
I understand a person, who wants deer dead, suggested that those who are anti-kill place bronze deer statues in our yards. No thank you. I placed my Not In My Yard sign in my yard again.

I have a few signs leftover from last year, but I am willing to place another order. Email me at if you want a Not In My Yard sign.

*Thank you PG for pulling Hayes!

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Anonymous said...

Before I ask our illustrious commissioners, does anyone know why we are on the hook for $9000 to pay DeNicola. Mr. Lauth said the same officers are being used in addition to the same public properties. If everything is the same as last year and the police officers are more than competent to do the archery, what is the $9000 being used for? Anyone have a breakdown of this expense?

Nick M.