Friday, August 5, 2016

Get your scarves ready, Ladies

The commission will be approving another season of archery with patent holder of apples and corn, Tony DeNicola on Tuesday evening. August 9, 2016 Commission Meeting Agenda. This is when all the prokill ladies show up in their scarves, trying to distinguish themselves from us homeless-looking people who are against killing deer for various reasons.

Kelly Fraasch will not be attending, so it will definitely go through. It would have gone through anyway, since John Bendel is hell-bent on killing deer in Twin Hills Park, to appease his biggest supporter, Barbara Logan. Remember the email that John Bendel sent to Barbara Logan on the municipal domain concerning his nomination petition? I would love to know how Barbara can justify killing more deer to reduce car accidents, when the number tripled during the deer killing?

It is not real clear to me why Mt. Lebanon needs to spend $9000 for Tony to manage last year's archers.

Wasn't the whole idea to organize a solid network of vetted archers for years to come? Hey, I have an idea. Can we take that $9000 and put it toward dumping dirt and grass seed on the upper lot of Rockwood Park?

Wake up, Commissioners. Use your heads. Tony DeNicola is a charlatan and is making fools of you.


Anonymous said...

I will no longer expend any energy on the current commissioners. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

Those of us who wish to live in a community that is free of municipal-sponsored killing (in secret places) need to look at another option (rather than begging the witless commissioners for mercy).

There are two commission seats up for grabs in 2017. If anyone still has any energy remaining to try to make a difference and work for peace in Mt. Lebanon, step forward and become part of a bi-partisan PAC to support candidates to unseat Silverman and to find and a rational replacement for Brumfield, who, thankfully, is not running again. That is our ONLY option at this time. And, it's a good one.

Think about it.


E. T. Gillen said...

Is it really? Two commissioners are not a majority. So what you are saying is, we now have to wait for FOUR years to make a difference. Let's all sit back and do nothing for four years. Yep, sounds like a great plan to me, Buddy.

Hope you are doing better, my friend.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it may take some time. Not four years, though. If two reasonable, intelligent people took over Silverman's and Brumfield's seats in November 2017, and Kelly remains anti-kill, the good guys would have a 3-2 majority a little over a year from now. I think that is worth pursuing. Those who wish for peace and prosperity in Mt. Lebanon are not going to wrest it from the current commission. You know that is correct, Elaine, my friend.

I am doing well. Thank you for asking. I wish I saw more of you so that you could scratch my ears and make me purr.


Jason Margolis said...

Love the bipartisan PAC idea, where exactly is that at?

Anonymous said...

"......where exactly is that AT?" (Emphasis supplied.) You've been living in the 'burgh too long, Jason. :)

T. B.