Saturday, August 13, 2016

Why do Mt. Lebanon drivers have so much trouble with deer?

Today's Letter to the Editor in the PG, Why do Mt. Lebanon drivers have so much trouble with deer?

The usual haters are commenting; ass Time, Hayley Greenberg.  Still waiting to hear from josh g, Maxwell, and Brennen Larkin. Such hateful people. Paul Vondra summed it up well. "Anyone who can summon such passion for hating a deer is not very well."

Where do the haters get their facts?

  • 90+% want the deer killed? Where and when was this poll taken?
  • The deer are starving to death? Merlin Benner, Jody Maddock and Tony DeNicola all said that our deer are not starving.
  • The main opposition to the cull is from a small cadre of Republicans? Uh, I don't think so. I think there are more Dems opposing this than R's. Remember R's are backed by the NRA.
  • Lyme Disease is from ticks on deer? Please read about that on the PA Game Commission and the Mt. Lebanon websites. and Please check the links. I am not making any of this up!
Has anyone asked the commissioners to justify their spending of $9000 so that DeNicola can supervise the same archers on the same 12 private properties?  


Jason Margolis said...

Can't believe the PG actually published that bit of truth, but I guarantee it is a set-up.

Watch JH + SM get some "resident" to write a rebuttal, but it will get 4x as much copy space.

Same old, same old.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know who PASS TIME is? I believe it's a she, and one of the soulless deer and animal hating pro-kill women from Lebo. I saw a recent post where she posted a vitriolic personal attack against Jason. I'm surprised it wasn't flagged and removed as being inappropriate. She obviously knows Jason or who he is, and she sounds like she HATES him. She also appears to have no life, i.e. all she does is post on Mt. Lebanon articles and letters promoting animal cruelty. I'd feel sorry for her if she wasn't so intent on inflicting suffering and death on others, and exposing all of Mt. Lebanon families to danger from shooters and hunters. Still, it's hard to imagine the poverty of her inner life. Incomprehensible.

Anonymous said...

It is my impression that PASS TIME or as Elaine aptly called him ass Time - very good Elaine - is a male. If I were a betting man, I would put my money on David Franklin, Esq.

E. T. Gillen said...

Oops! That was definitely a Freudian slip. I did call Pass Time, Ass Time in an email the other day. I could go back and correct it, but I think I'll pass. Yeah, I think you're right.

RG said...

"90+% want the deer killed? Where and when was this poll taken?"
Answer: There was no poll - unless one wishes to define "poll" as a casual conversation with a few like-minded friends.

When an issue becomes contentious, as is the deer issue in Lebo Land, contesting groups will go to great pains to find data that supports their premises, and not to examine their positions to see if they stand up to reason. If that data is lacking, or obviously flawed, replacement data is simply created and backed by nothing - rather like US currency. If group A produces a reputable study supporting group A's position, group B will either disparage the motives behind the study or, if that's not possible, resort to personal attacks on the members of group A. Unfortunately, I've seen this kind of thing on both sides of the "deer issue" in Lebo Land.

Of course, one is entitled to a personal opinion - that's what keeps talk-show hosts and newspaper columnists employed. Mine is this: The "deer issue" is superficial; the real issue in Lebo Land is who has the power, and to what extent will that power be exercised.

Anonymous said...

IMO, the debate on the deer issue has not been fair and balanced with both sides providing accurate facts with honest intentions. There is no moral equivalence with these groups. This claim by "Haley Greenberg" saying that 90%+ of Mt. Lebanon residents want a deer cull is a good example of the pathological lying that the pro-kill side has done continuously throughout this debate. They've told bald-faced lies ongoing, and were never called out on any of their lies. They couldn't win with an honest debate on the facts, and so they decided to just lie. The entire car-deer collision issue is a disingenuous lie. They used to post on Elaine's blog all the time making up one lie after another, and when called out for supporting facts, they would disappear, and make up a new name to post new lies. It was quite amazing to observe. I was shocked with the number of lies, the total lack of conscience, and the new lows reached, in what one would think was a professional environment and debate.

In addition, there are real facts. There are a lot of biased studies out there published by biased groups and organizations with a conflict of interest, and w/o objective peer review. So again, there isn't a scientific equivalence between many of these studies, and there are only one set of true facts.

That said, at the end of the day, the facts don't matter - what does, is who controls political power. And this small group of elite and entitled pro-kill advocates have controlled political power in Mt. Lebanon for years.

BTW, I think I know who "Haley Greenberg" is, the pathological lying is a dead give away.

E. T. Gillen said...

From what I understand, she is for real. She seems to be fixated on Jason and once gave him the "stink eye" at a commission meeting. Now she has counted three NIMY signs in Lebo. Unless she is stalking me too, there are two more on my street that she missed. Never mind that almost 300 yard signs were requested last year and at least a dozen signs were stolen.

Anonymous said...

"Haley Greenberg" - "From what I understand, she is for real"

Did you ever see her speak at public comments about the deer issue?

Do you know anyone who knows her?

Does Jason know her?

I've done a few google searches and what I found seems really suspect.

So just wondering.