Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Look Out Lebo UPDATED 3X

When you aren't looking down at your Lebo parking spot app, or filming this video while driving the car, Look up Lebo!

Update August 24, 2016 9:44 AM The following was sent to our commissioners this morning. David raises excellent points.

Have you seen the new "Look Up Lebo" campaign logo?
The car is on the green light while the pedestrian is on the red light.
This means, pedestrians must wait for all vehicles to travel through the intersection from all directions before crossing the street, regardless of crosswalks or signals.
It means pedestrians halfway across the street must stop for vehicles that don't yield.
It sends the message that Mt. Lebanon is not a walking community, but it is the automobile community.http://triblive.com/aande/2286903-74/lebanon-100-suburb-trolley-ago-hodan-keith-review-tribune-streets
"Neighborhoods such as Mt. Lebanon's Mission Hills and Virginia Manor were among the first in the nation with long curving street layouts specifically designed with the automobile in mind. It was the era when suburban streets came to be named “Drives,” rather than “Streets” or “Avenues.”"

"Pittsburgh's premier automobile suburb" 

Residents who walk are not welcome here, but criminals who operate vehicles and don't yield to pedestrians are encouraged to drive on through.
As leaders of our town, you need to straighten out your attitude and correct your priorities.
David Huston

August 24, 2016 2:15 PM Susan Morgans has to go!

August 24, 2016 5:30 PM Even the governor is working with stakeholders, such as the Office of Open Records, to engage the public by launching PA's Open Data Program.
“Since day one of my administration, I have been committed to making state government more open and transparent,” said Governor Tom Wolf. “That’s why I signed an executive order to release agency data to the public in an open, accessible format, and today, am launching OpenDataPA. One of our most valuable and underutilized resources in state government is data. Our goal is to make data available in order to engage citizens, create economic opportunities for businesses and entrepreneurs, and develop innovative policy solutions that improve program delivery and streamline operations.”
Then there is the Municipality of Mt. Lebanon. We have to file RTKs to see what the monthly expenditures are, even though residents can't comment on them, let alone see them, until after the commissioners approve them. News flash - they don't look at them either. Why the municipality doesn't post them on their "Open Lebo" site, is beyond me.  I guess that is part of the new Susan Morgans/ Laura Lilley Engaging the Public Program that was enacted last year. I guess drinking beer at Hitchhiker with Keith McGill or having coffee at Panera and the local coffee house is all the engaging we're going to get.


Jason Margolis said...

If you let it run to the very end... you can hear someone say...

"No white people looking down were harmed in the filming of this video."

Anonymous said...

How ironic Elizabeth Hartung, the star of Footloose, is our new pedestrian enforcer.
Mt. Lebanon continues to blame the victim because it's easier and enhances revenue.
Instead of criminally charging vehicle operators who do not yield to pedestrians, our town fines the vulnerable pedestrians.
Instead of criminally charging opportunists who pull door handles and steal things out of cars, our town blames the people who don't lock their cars.
Until our government leaders get their priorities straight, pedestrians will be seriously injured and killed while crossing the street, and our stuff will be stolen out of our cars.
Our own police tell us we deserve it just for living here.

Anonymous said...

I wish I had been one of the jaywalkers they spotted in this film. What a piece of crap.


Anonymous said...

I think they are telling us to Look Up but they should be telling us to Look OUT because they know a lot more than we do and all they are actually doing is inviting more cars into Mt Lebanon while not improving pedestrian safety or infrastructure. While Dan Deiseroth likes to say "Mt Lebanon is entirely built out", it seems that he isn't quite accurate at all. Here are just a few of the ongoing projects in Mt Lebanon that will result in more housing:

30 units at Pennsylvania Avenue
60 units at Castlegate (Mt Lebanon Senior Housing)
5 units 770 Washington road
46 units Washington Road across from St Bernards
11 single family homes Summit Pointe

Look Out Lebo!

Mary E

E. T. Gillen said...

Look Out Lebo! I like it. I think I will borrow that, but you get all the credit, Mary E. I was unaware of the 770 Washington Road project. Thank you for the heads up.
You are absolutely right. Just in my immediate neighborhood alone, two new houses are in the works.
Mary E., my offer still stands with the blog. :)

E. T. Gillen said...

Off topic, but I need to vent. If he only found time to pay his taxes every year. http://lebomag.com/watch-your-time/ Does his $25 check get deducted from his debt to Mt. Lebanon?

Anonymous said...


He's kidding, isn't he? For laughs...

“Let’s see how far I can get in 15 minutes.” Yesterday I went much further than I had predicted for the first 15 minute leg of my drive to the North Hills."

Last I looked, a speed of 25 miles per hour for instance, is a constant — 25 miles per hour. Too bad even the most brilliant jurist can't finagle their way around the laws of motion.

So how does the author increase his 15 minute travel distance?

Obviously, he can try new routes or less congested travel rimes. Or they can exceed posted speed limits, blow stop signs or red lights. Or avoid stopping for pedestrians!

It is said that a driver taking their eyes off the road for just 4 seconds at 60mph is like driving the length of a football field with their eyes closed.

I recommend you and deer stay alert for Mr. Tuttle as he plays with his Apple watch while he's driving.