Thursday, August 18, 2016

The charlatan got us again UPDATED

Through a Right To Know, the White Buffalo (Tony DeNicola) archery program details were made public.

Tony DeNicola will be charging $9000 for supervising THREE days of archery. Here is the breakdown:

Hunting Organization and Management Budget 2016-17

Program management 3 person-days X $1,500/day       $4500

Supplies (Miscellaneous supplies)                                  $4500

TOTAL                                                                           $9000

What miscellaneous supplies could possibly cost $4500? It can't be bait. It is illegal to hunt over bait. Plastic bags?

Here are the records received:

Deer Management Agreement Year 2 Archery Proposal in Appendix A is missing. Appendix B pertains to the donation issue, at my expense. The way I read it, Shady Lane can't receive those tender fawns given to him again this year. That would be compensation, Greg.

Last year, there were more specifics; expectations. No minimum or maximum amount of deer killed this time. Why? Because he won't kill many. Remember, he got "the dumbest of the dumb deer last year." Tony's costs are not broken down. Are we paying for the tags? How many tags are we buying? Are we paying meat processing fees? Do we know about Twin Hills? Are food and lodging included? Mileage? 

That is the worst contract I have seen in a long time. It might make for good conversation tomorrow morning. "Chat with Lebo manager Keith MicGill* over coffee tomorrow, 8-10 am, at Panera in the Galleria. Stop for a minute or stay the whole time."

*Way to go, Susan. You can't even spell your boss' name correctly in the LeboAlert.

Update August 20, 2016 7:43 AM We can't get any answers to the questions above. Keith McGill provided the following breakdown of costs.
Thank you for you continued interest in the program. Miscellaneous supplies would cover items such as the bags to place the entrails in when the deer are field dressed, production and printing of the various forms such as the authorization forms that are required to be signed, hunting arrows and I am sure there are other items in addition to the ones I have listed that are required to allow the volunteer archers to provide this service to the municipality.

This is similar to other volunteer efforts that occur in the municipality such as Earth Day in which residents volunteer their time to clean up different areas of the community. For that particular event the municipality provides trash bags, gloves and safety vests to residents who will be working in areas that are proximate to traffic. Another example would be the numerous Eagle Scout projects that have been done throughout the community. The municipality provides the materials once the projects are approved and the scout(s) and other volunteers provide the labor to actually complete the project. 
Good afternoon, 
There is no breakdown for the miscellaneous supplies. None is required in the contract that was reviewed and approved. As I indicated in my prior email I am sure the are other items include in this item of which I am not aware. I believe the cost to be fair and reasonable. 
and finally
This is a professional services contract not a time and materials contract. The cost for the program will be $9000. 
How does this guy get off call himself a 501(c)(3)?


Jason Margolis said...

The supplies is the parchment paper on which he will be writing the $90,000 bill for sharpshooting 3 months later.

Anonymous said...

This unsubstantiated supply charge of $4500 is a total rip off of Mt. Lebo taxpayers, and a Commission that has given DeNicola a blank check. And Keith McGill's explanation is ridiculous. $4500 is a whole lot of plastic bags and forms. BTW, DeNicola has also been accused (video coverage) of using plastic bags to put over the deer's heads to smother them. In addition, McGill's comparison of this carnage to Earth Day and Eagle Scout volunteers is incomprehensible. Where is the accountability to how taxpayers money is being spent? I guess taxpayers should be happy that DeNicola didn't charge $10,000 for supplies.

BTW, I was unaware that Mt. Lebanon was buying the arrows to kill the deer for the hunter volunteers. Are they buying arrows for just the hunters on public property or for the hunters on private property too?

And of course, the Commission is paying DeNicola $9,000 to supervise its hunting program, and the Commission has NO idea or interest on what private properties this hunting program is taking place on.

As far as DeNicola's non-profit status. He is laughing all the way to the bank, and is living like one of the royal family in Connecticut.

Anonymous said...

Let's examine Mr. McGill's reply a little more closely:

"There is no breakdown for the miscellaneous supplies."

There is no breakdown because Mr. McGill didn't ask for one. If he really cared how tax dollars were being spent he would have asked for one. Can you imagine running a business with this type of approach? Just give me some of those, those and those and let me know how much you want me to pay you. And don't worry about the cost, it's not "my" money I'm paying with.

"None is required in the contract that was reviewed and approved."

Just because it is not required doesn't mean you can't or shouldn't ask. A responsible person would have asked. Reviewed and approved by who? Who else thinks like this that we should know about? Mr. McLean claims he is all about being fiscally responsible...I'm really beginning to have my doubts about that.

"As I indicated in my prior email I am sure the are other items include in this item of which I am not aware."

How can any intelligent person not ask all relevant questions especially when tax dollars are at play? Maybe I want to know what all the items are, don't these folks work for me? Shouldn't that be the thinking of our government officials? This isn't about a select few who work at the municipal building, it's about all of us.

"I believe the cost to be fair and reasonable."

Based on what? Mr. McGill already admitted he doesn't know all the items we are paying for. How can he make a fair and reasonable decision based on...not knowing and/or having all the pertinent information.

I do apologize for being so critical but we are paying this man $125,000 per year plus a whole lot of benefits...I really do expect more than what we are receiving.

Nick M.

Anonymous said...

Just look around MTL at the condition of municipal property he's charged with managing.
The old muni building, the interior is awful, the rink, Public Works, Clearview Commons. Look at how filthy and unkempt the elevator is in the North Garage.

But, the municipality has time and money to waste on silly parking apps, killing deer, looking for ways to FIX a garbage collection system that isn't broken.
They'll pursue taxing newcomers while letting 'certain' others ignore property taxes and parking fines.
There's a lack of work related accountability and oversight and an unheard of spending spree in perks and benies for select employees unmatched in private industry in my opinion.