Monday, August 8, 2016

Liened properties for the 2015 Tax Year

I filed a Right To Know over the weekend and the school district's Open Records Officer received my request this morning. Jeanine Szalinski granted my request and emailed six pages to me this afternoon. No charge for scanning, as it should be. Our municipality are thieves. I forwarded the liened properties list to the commission, Keith McGill, and Bonnie Cross asking why the district's ORO can do this, but the municipality ORO can't. I'll share their response here. Ha! Like I am going to get a response.

Here is the list of Liened Properties for the 2015 Tax Year. Many are repeat offenders. One repeat offender even gets paid for writing articles for the Public Information Office. Of course.

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Anonymous said...

Am I reading this correctly that Stevenson Williams, who owns much of the Uptown Mt. Lebanon property, owes the municipality $22,000. in back taxes. Tell me it's not true. If it is true, why isn't the muni kicking and screaming at them?