Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Don't you want to know?


How can you wait until the end of January to find out if the plan is successful? Aren't you the least bit curious? Merlin Benner provided daily reports. You issued weekly reports to the public. Now, you are content waiting 4.5 months for a fatality count. Could it be that since you turned Mt. Lebanon into a hunter's Paradise, that you have no idea how many are being killed? The PG's John Hayes and White Buffalo's Jody Maddock (you wouldn't admit that on June 22, 2015) have turned Mt. Lebanon into a free for all. You lost all control.

You are going to be voting next month on hiring "Bubba with a gun." You have admitted that you do not know how many deer we have. You are relying on the contractor's estimates. You don't know how many deer are being killed. You won't know until the end of January whether the current plan worked! How can you vote on spending $100,000 to kill deer when you don't even know how many deer are living and how many deer are dead? Is that how you spend our money?

Now, you are taking the Steve Silverman approach to governing. Run out of the commission chambers, slamming the door behind you, and duck down the steps and out of the building to avoid constituents. You have reached a new low.

I don't expect a response from this email either. What a way to serve your community.

Elaine Gillen
"Three days into their latest deer-killing plan, Mt. Lebanon officials say they will wait four months before releasing information about how it's working.
Keith McGill, municipal planner in Mt. Lebanon, says he does not know whether any deer have been killed in the archery hunt, which started Saturday.
“Nor do I expect to receive (a report) prior to the end of the program (Jan. 23). I do not have the information,” he said
Read more: Mt. Lebanon officials mum on deer-killing project

Sent to the commissioners, Steve Feller, Keith McGill, and Phi Weis on September 22, 2015 at 7:02 AM.


Anonymous said...

having three daughters,, you would think Steve Silverman would be more understanding of a crying female.. but i guess he felt there was nothing he could do so he took off.. i think that is a typical elected official reaction...i live near the poplar station of the T and since Saturday,, i have noticed zero deer around Elaine.. eso since the week before i saw a family of deer on Jefferson DR in Mrs. Hooton's yard she is the vocal anti-deer nursery School music teacher.. she def is no Raffi disciple !!! its all about her and her mansion..
i believe our men in blue are prob killing them at night...just a thought.. was talking recently to a cop and he told me that he sees most of the deer activity at night..i bet if anybody is out at night.. esp around 3pm you might see some deer killing going on..
with all this deer killing i sort of feel like the Dt Suess Lorax.. who tried to save the trees from extinction. i recently was talking to a lebo resident about the length of time of the kill and she replied its going to take until January until all the deer are killed... unbelievable to hear someone say that.. but this woman also told me that she is scared that the deer who come in her backyard my attach her small dog or even her kids...

Barbara said...

So according to this Trib article, the muni will not _have_ numbers until hunting season (including guns) is over?


Maybe they don't WANT reports until the end of hunting season... this could be a way for those who are conflicted about the sharpshooters to say let's wait and see how the archers did first? I don't know. I may be giving them too much credit.

In any case, it seems to me that not having kill figures is exactly why they should not even bring the sharpshooter proposal up for a vote until after January. Maybe we don't even need sharpshooters? How would we know if we don't know how successful the archery program was? etc.

I think we should start focusing on preventing this sharpshooter program from getting passed, maybe even keep it from getting brought to vote? I'm emailing the commissioners.

Anonymous said...

Without counts from the archery cull, they cannot justify the need, expense, intrusion, or risk of sharpshooters.

Anonymous said...

I believe the reason for the secrecy is to exterminate all deer in Mt Lebo and to kill all deer coming into Mt Lebo from other communities, to appease a small number of wealthy residents as well as those too stupid to realize deer don't attack their pets or children.

They also don't want any protesters or problems during their yearly murder sprees.

They don't care how many deer there are nor how many they kill, because they want to kill them all.

E. T. Gillen said...

I turned off the "Word Verification" option. I think that eliminated that dreaded extra step. Since this is by invitation only. I'm thinking it is no longer necessary.

Anonymous said...

it's first was the wealthy gardners and now its the young parents.. who are instilling fear about the deer into their kids.. ive heard from hs parents down to elementary school moms.. who have told me stories about deer chasing their kids through Bird Park.. or just deer being in the middle of their dead endstreet and kids now afraid to walk on sidewalk fearful of being attacked by a deer!!!!!!! and god forbid it's a mangy deer. cant have your kids see this type of animal!!!! unbelievable that is type of parents now living in our community..

E. T. Gillen said...

UPS just delivered my third shipment of "Not In My Yard" signs. The driver lives in the North Hills, and is a hunter. He said it is one thing to hunt where there are acres and acres of land, but to hunt here in Mt. Lebanon is crazy.

Barbara said...

Hi Anonymous 4:02 PM,

I'm a parent, too, of an almost 9 year old. We're not all like that ;-)

Anonymous said...

Just reading that if u repeat a lie enough times to people, they start to believe it over time. The young parents don't know they shouldn't believe the stuff their government tells them. Maybe the pediatricians locally should talk to them about Lymes disease and the benefits of nature and wildlife for children. It is truly harmful long term to disconnect children from compassion for animals and the outdoors. I do have young children and we love wildlife. Just this weekend, my daughter and I saw a coyote as night was falling on a trail we were hiking and we enjoyed it.