Thursday, September 10, 2015

Q and A about the Archery Program UPDATED 2X

A resident emailed the commissioners the following email. Commissioner Bendel asked Manager Steve Feller to respond to the questions. His answers are shown below in blue italics next to the question. 


I am very concerned about the safety of our community's kids during this archery program.  Can you tell me when/how the Commission is planning to disseminate details and safety information on the program to residents?   Public hunting areas will be posted. Municipal officials will send LeboALERTs as needed. We will also include information in the October Mt. Lebanon Magazine and the website and give updates on in the newsflash section on the front page and on the deer management page.  We will also notify school officials. 

In the meantime, could you please address the following questions/clarifications or direct me to information already published that answers them?

1. What hours of the day will archers will be active?   Hunting can take place from 30 minutes prior to sunrise to 30 minutes following sunset. 

2.  If the designated parks are M-F only, is that also the case for private properties?   Hunting on private properties may also occur on Saturdays

3. If the parks have to post hunting notice signs to inform the public of the presence of hunters, are private residences also required to post a notice alerting pedestrians who are passing by/near the propert(ies) that are being hunted on?   No 

4. Please confirm that the safewalk walking routes posted/published by the police department for each school will be free of any archery activity during daylight hours, and will have at least the minimum buffer zone to parks or private properties that are allowing hunting.   Hunters will abide by all laws pertaining to buffer zones.  There will be no hunting on safe walking routes. 

5. Please also confirm that the archers are aware of these walking routes. Yes. Hunters were given these maps as part of the orientation 

6. Will there by any school-district driven e-blasts or anything like that sent out to all the parents of all the students regarding the archery program?  I am concerned about the students who walk through the parks and/or get dropped off on streets that are near their schools but not necessarily part of the safewalk routes.   The School District will be notified that archery hunting will be occurring.  State law permits archery hunters to hunt during the archery season beginning September 19 through the last weekend in January, with a break for two weeks in December.  The program involves legal archery hunting following all state game commission rules and requires no additional permits.  Many other areas in the State are using legal archery programs including Allegheny County, Upper St. Clair, Bethel Park, Peters Township, South Park, and Fox Chapel.  


Shall we remind Steve Feller and the commissioners about the population density in those areas?

Update September 10, 2015 9:14 PM Here is an FYI for Mr. Feller. EVERY street is mapped out on safe walking routes. From the School District website:

The Mt. Lebanon School District is a walking school district. Student safe walking awareness is reviewed annually with the assistance of the Mt. Lebanon Police Department (MLPD). In addition to reinforcing safe walking rules with students at the beginning of the school year, the MLPD has established Safe Walking Routes for each elementary school. Please review these routes with your child throughout the school year.  

Safe Walking Routes
The Municipality of Mt. Lebanon, along with the Mt. Lebanon Police Department and Juvenile Protection has formulated the following walking routes.  These routes are recommended safe walking routes according to pedestrian and vehicle laws of the Commonwealth of PA.  The walking routes are all encompassing not simply for routes to each elementary school.  They were designed to be used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  These routes will show the safest area to walk on the street as well as the safest place to cross every street and crossing guard locations.  The routes will take you to a signalized intersection with a stop sign or traffic signal making it easier to cross. 

For students in elementary school, locate your school map and find your address.  You may then follow the blue arrows to the school.  The reverse would be done for walking home.  For students in middle and high school, locate the elementary school map where you live and follow that towards your school and onto the next elementary school map where the middle or high school is located.

Because the maps are all encompassing for safety, all walking routes will follow a street or sidewalk.  Pathways and cut through stairs have been eliminated as safe walking routes.

Foster Elementary School Walking Route

Update September 10, 2015 10:05 PM What a bunch of crap. Read the latest Right To Know responses from Manager Steve Feller. Right To Know Meduho 091015


Lena Horne said...

I have told them the density stats a million times. The only person who cares about those numbers is Phil Weis. But, he can only advise them. They do what they want.

Lena Horne said...

This is Lena, again, singing "Stormy Weather." I did email Bender after Tuesday's meeting and told him that there is a podcast that has Jody the Janitor on record saying that Mt. Lebanon has the highest density of any town/city that ever killed deer. When I said that at the podium, he fell back in his seat a bit with a look of disbelief on his face.

Anonymous said...

I saw what I believe are two tree stands near the lower end of Lindendale near Cedar. They were three-sided with roofs (God forbid the shooters would get wet). They made my skin crawl. I wish I knew of some way to warn the deer. I also wish I didn't live here.

E. T. Gillen said...

False alarm. I drove over to Lindendale and took this picture that is just below Lindendale and Glaids. It is not a tree stand. I also drove around Public Works and didn't see any tree stands. However, I didn't go all the way down to the end.