Thursday, September 17, 2015

Ha! Yeah, right John Bendel

"Commissioner John Bendel said officials want to know residents' opinions. “If you find an ordinance you disagree with, that's what we need to hear,” he said, adding small group meetings will be held in the neighborhood." That line of crap was fed to the Trib's Rick Wills in Residents in Mt. Lebanon neighborhood oppose historic district status.
The Mt. Lebanon Historic Preservation Board spent $25,000 that our commissioners allocated on a preservation design guide for Virginia Manor. You may recall how this same board wanted to spend $140,000 more for bricks on Rae Avenue, in order to preserve the integrity of the neighborhood, while looking the other way while the Commission spent $800,000 to destroy the integrity of our historic fields, one of the last green spaces in Mt. Lebanon. Bendel on historic preservation

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