Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Daily Arch blog

Stephen Arch is a local Moon Township blogger. In his Growing Up Catholic series, Arch wrote, Mt. Lebanon Is At It Again: Didn't They Learn Enough The Last Time? Or, Do They Just Like Spending Tax Dollars On Frivolity? Or, Do They Just Hate Deer?

Arch's essay is brilliant. Even though it is from June 26, 2015, Stephen Arch nailed it.
As I said, just as I was thinking of what next to write about, along comes the local Pittsburgh Tribune Review presenting me with a story that falls right into my hands. If I wait long enough, the stories write themselves, and along, again, come the Mt. Lebanon deer people. What else will entertain us more throughout the summer? More commissioner's meetings, more protests, more arguments, more angry people being thrown out of Mt. Lebo town meetings. The play is ready to be written, the actors ready for the stage, the producers (Mt. Lebanon politicians) have the means and the wherewithal to entertain the entire region. My bet is that this play runs the entire summer and into the fall. Which is, of course, deer hunting season. (And don't forget about those darn turkeys when you are done with the deer).
I wanted to reprint the whole thing because it is THAT good. Here is another gem:
I can see it now. Driving through Mt. Lebanon. House after house, backyard after backyard, with deer stands and elevated platforms, maybe even on some house's roofs (or "rooves" as some Mt. Lebanon residents may prefer - the older, more formalized English way of pluralizing the roof). That would be a site. Kids walking to school (remember, no school buses in Mt. Lebanon) past orange clad archers with bows and arrows (or sharpshooters with high powered rifles with silencers). Maybe they wouldn't be wearing orange. Don't want to make it too conspicuous, do we?
PLEASE check out The Daily Arch. It is priceless.


Anonymous said...

Here is his more recent entry on MTL:


E. T. Gillen said...

Oh my goodness! There are MT. Lebanon people at the Scott Township meeting RIGHT THIS MINUTE! Scott Commissioners are LIVID!!! I can't wait to hear what happens tonight.