Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Lion King UPDATED

Please click the hyperlink below. And to think that our local government has placed us in the hands of Jody Maddock. Disgusting.

Update September 27, 2015 11:36 AM My guess is that this lion is on display on campus.


Anonymous said...

"Capturing the thrill of the hunt." Jody kills for thrills. Isn't that special?

Lena Horne said...

Look at that sweet lion's face. This gives new meaning to the term "stuffed animals."
Can you imagine how many trophy animals occupy Jody's home?

Lena Horne said...

Isn't killing lions illegal?

Anonymous said...

I just saw some new press on Cecil, the lion, on the internet. People are still very angry. Some animal welfare person just appeared on Ellen a couple days ago, I think.

Anonymous said...

Joseph R Maddock, aka Jody, is another licensed wildlife pest control businessman from PA. This is Merlin Benner's source of licensure as well. Mr Maddock has had a number of businesses over the years. I wonder why they keep changing. Failure?

Richard Gideon said...

As a kind of "counterbalance" to this story allow me to commend and recommend one of America's great charities; The Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keenesburg, Colorado. Here's a clip from their website:

Serving others is our calling. The Wild Animal Sanctuary believes abused, abandoned and confiscated wildlife deserve love, respect and the admiration they were given by design.

Through the support of dedicated and caring human beings, The Sanctuary has been able to rescue, rehabilitate and restore the natural spirit and incredible majesty of more than 1,000 unfortunate animals.

What is amazing about TWAS is that it is a private 501(c)(3) organization that gets no government money and must rely entirely on private contributions, fundraising events, and grants from foundations; yet the founder, Pat Craig, has managed to acquire 720 acres of prime Colorado eastern plateau to care for a variety of rescued domestic and exotic wildlife. Here in Mt. Lebanon the taxpayer is being forced to pay for a glorified carpet that benefits a very small percentage of the population. If I had a say in the matter I would prefer that my portion of those carpet taxes go directly to TWAS - at least I would know that my money was being better spent!

Anonymous said...

This is disgusting! I am sharing this on Facebook to make as many people aware of this!

E. T. Gillen said...

9:52 PM, do you mean Joseph D. Maddock? On page 51 of the report?

Anonymous said...

Elaine - I did mean Joseph D. on page 51. Looking into the details to ensure there are not two different men named J Maddock that kill deer from Bryn Athyn, PA.

Wouldn't Jody be a nice alias for a man named Joseph D?

Anonymous said...

This is a little confusing so please feel free to check, cross reference or whatever any of this:

Jody Maddock actually works for and receives mail through:

Academy of the New Church

Consolidated Plant Operations

2815 Benade Circle
PO Box 278

Bryn Athyn, PA 19009-0278

Some of his deer related business also goes to this PO Box 278.

Here is what CPO does:

Consolidated Plant Operations "...provides and maintains facilities, property, and equipment through efficient and cost-effective services, systems and on-going monitoring for its customers...” The Academy of the New Church, Bryn Athyn College of the New Church, Glencairn Museum, Cairnwood & Garden House, Cairncrest, Bryn Athyn Church & School, Bryn Athyn Cathedral, and Cairnwood Village. (Italics from working mission statement, October, 1995)

This is info on the Academy of the New Church:

Now his license as wildlife pest controller through the state of PA is mailed to:

Joseph D Maddock

PO Box 596

Bryn Athyn PA 19009

215 938-1360

His “scientific work” completed with Tony DiNicola also uses as a correspondence address the PO Box 596. For those “scientific articles", his address makes him look like a scholar because it says Bryn Athyn College instead of Consolidated Plant Operators.


Does anyone have information on Whitetail Associates actually being a legally registered business in PA and an address for it?

Anonymous said...

The three chumps in one are: Joe D Maddock, Joseph D Maddock, and Jody Maddock. He hunts all over the world.

In New Hampshire, he kills moose.

In Nevada, he kills Mountain Goat, CA Bighorn, Rocky Mountain Bighorn, Antlered Elk, Antlered Mule Deer, Nelson Bighorn.

In New Zealand, he kills Red Stags, Fallow Bucks, and Bull Tahr.

In South Africa, he attempts to kill a Cape Buffalo with multiple arrows and ultimately a rifle by another hunter.

If that isn't enough, he reiterates that he has killed "bighorn sheep ("Last Minute Magic," Bowhunter, March 1988), Dall sheep, mountain goats, and brown bears ("The Ultimate," Bowhunter, April/May 1999)".

Anonymous said...

It gets worse and I feel woozy now. The Lion King can do whatever he wants at Bryn Athyn because he married Jennifer Pitcairn, who (sigh) is a member of the #149th Richest Family in America. This family happened to make a fortune by founding PPG and they are major benefactors of Bryn Athyn College. They donated the land for the college, built cathedrals, yada, yada.

He is not doing this for the money. He is doing for the thrill of the kill. He can say whatever he wants about anything associated with Bryn Athyn. He won't get in trouble at work.

E. T. Gillen said...

11:17 PM, do a search for "Whitetail Associates" here.
It looks like the year was 1995. Yet their website lists 1990.

Anonymous said...

Jody has no job. The Bryn Athen/Whitetail stuff is all a front. He kills for thrills on a full-time basis. How can we get him out of our community? He makes Benner look like the Pope.

E. T. Gillen said...

Here is the 411 on Joseph D. Maddock.

Joe D. did say that he is 57 at one of the personal property recruitment meetings.

Lena Horne said...

Oh, Jo D got to name the BA soccer team. The lions. How appropriate. Do you really think that Cecil is on display at the college? If so, it speaks volumes about the student body.

E. T. Gillen said...

Here is what is playing in my head. Joe D. wanted to go big game hunting in South Africa. He went to his wife and said, I could go and get a lion, get him stuffed, and he could be on display on campus since the school's mascot is a lion. Jenny may have said, "Sure, Honey. I will get the school to fund the trip." Unless Joe D. has a big house, where would one keep a stuffed lion? In their game room?

Lena Horne said...

Very funny---the game room. I'll bet their house is huge with animal heads on every wall.

Anonymous said...

He has a 6 bedroom house, Elaine.

So anyway, Bryn Athyn has a lot of deer studies going on within its biology department. These studies require trapping the deer and putting GPS collars on them. Imagine that!! Imagine the "stress" to the deer to have a collar put on them... right? And how does this genius biology professor possibly get permission from the game commission in PENNSYLVANIA to trap and fit these deer with GPS collars? They even have students involved. So from what I have perused, all around kill for thrills Joe D is peaceful research on deer.


Anonymous said...

What kind of grown man goes by the name Jody? Especially when he had a choice of Joe or Joseph?

Anonymous said...

He seemed to go by Joe throughout the 90s. I read multiple news articles about him during that time period in which he was referred to as Joe. He has also been called a biology teacher and an assistant principal -- all at the same Bryn Athyn secondary school.

I also learned recently that Tony DeNicola started out as a licensed wildlife pest operator too. Seems to be a trend... An article written by a paper in Ct. indicated that he has (deep breath) killed 10,000 deer himself.