Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Tony's got it covered

Dr. Tony DeNicola is one-stop shopping. He does it all. Archery, sharp shooting, and sterilization. You name it - Tony's your man.

Tony's company, White Buffalo, was the only company to submit a proposal for sharp shooting by 10:00 AM yesterday morning.

White Buffalo, the firm who is coordinating the archers in Mt. Lebanon, won't release the number of kills until the end of January.
“If I start announcing numbers, it causes problems. I wait until the end of the season,” Maddock said on Monday. [Problems for whom?]

Jody Maddock, a.k.a. Jodi, a.k.a. Joe D., a.k.a. The Lion King confirmed 
"killing an African lion as displayed on the web site of a New York taxidermist.
Maddock said he killed the lion in a legal archery hunt in South Africa. 'There's no there there,' he said."
Read more: Mt. Lebanon considers sharpshooters to help thin deer herd  

White Buffalo submitted the following sterilization proposal to Clifton, a neighborhood of Cincinnati, OH. It was approved. http://cliftondeer.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/Sterilization-Proposal-3-March-2015.pdf

Read more: 
 Mt. Lebanon still mulling sharpshooting program to reduce deer population

Mt. Lebanon could add sharpshooting to deer management


Anonymous said...

NIH is using deer sterilization to address its deer population issues. NIH.


Of course, Tony is there to help.

Local communities found that sharpshooting doesn't work because the deer are moving into neighboring areas when they can't be shot.

Smart deer.

Anonymous said...

One more comment from NIH:

“After looking at all options, particularly non-lethal methods, the NIH identified the most effective approach that will manage, stabilize and potentially reduce the population in a long-term, safe, humane and socially and biologically acceptable manner,” said Dr. Alfred Johnson, director of the Office of Research Services, the office responsible for overseeing the management plan. Over the next 4 years, starting this month, trained doctoral deer population control experts, in coordination with NIH veterinary staff, will anesthetize and neuter adult females. All local, state and federal requirements will be followed.

E. T. Gillen said...

I uploaded a portion of last night's commission meeting on lebocitizens.com. I stopped recording after Citizen Comments. In addition, I have the podcast of the discussion session but I am having some technical difficulties. As soon as I get them resolved, I will upload the commission discussion podcast.

As of 1:36 PM, Mt. Lebanon has not been able to upload either video. They, too, are experiencing technical difficulties. Ha!

E. T. Gillen said...

I sent an email to the commissioners and let them know that I uploaded both podcasts to my website, since the ones on the MTL website were unavailable.

Barbara said...

FYI to everyone, I sent the following e-mail to the Commission, Mr. Feller, and Susan Morgans today. I heard back from Kelly Fraasch, who agreed on the need for residents to have current, accurate info. She is asking staff to put info on the website:


I was shocked to read the following information about sharpshooting in the October issue of the Mt. Lebanon magazine (p22):

"This month, Mt. Lebanon Commissioners will discuss issuing a Request for Proposal for culling deer using sharpshooters."

Commissioners will not discuss issuing an RFP, they have already discussed it...And they have already issued it...And they have already received it... And they are already planning to vote on it in mid-October!

Is this the most recent information provided by the municipality to the public on the sharpshooting program? Not only is it inaccurate, it is misleading; it implies that a sharpshooting program is months away from a vote, when in fact it will be brought up in 2 weeks!

The Commission should correct this information and provide residents with accurate, detailed information on the timing of this vote. This could be done quickly and easily through the website, which currently only discusses the archery program. A Lebo Alert could be sent directing residents to that new, correct information on the website for accurate information, and possibly including a phone number for residents who do not have access to a computer or who have questions.

Citizens have the right to know accurate, detailed information about a program with such substantial public safety concerns well in advance of a vote on that program so that they can educate themselves and communicate their support or lack of it to their respective Commissioners. Anything less casts doubt on process and the validity of any actions the Commission makes on behalf of its citizens.

Thank you.

Barbara said...

Has anyone e-mailed the commissioners to ask where _all_ of these incidents are going to be recorded and made accessible to the public? If so, did they respond? Thanks.

Barbara said...

Small victory re: the e-mail I sent and copied you all on Sept. 29, 8:12, above.

Susan Morgans added an update to the deer management info in Lebo Mag re: the upcoming vote on sharpshooting. Here's the link:


I complained that it was at the end of the article and got a response that they would move it to a more prominent place. I also asked them to update the deer mgmt. FAQ section of the website.

The more info that's out there the better.

E. T. Gillen said...

Excellent, Barbara! Here is the update, as of October 2, 2015:
"UPDATE: Commissioners began discussing a deer cull using sharpshooters earlier than expected ( in late September) and issued an RFP. One response to the proposal has been received, and the Commission will again talk about the issue in its discussion session at 6:30 p.m., Tuesday, October 13, in the Municipal Building, Room 103, A vote may be taken that evening at the regular Commission meeting at 8 p.m. in the Commission Chamber, also in the Municipal Building, 710 Washington Road. "

Anonymous said...

Can a vote be taken on October 13th if the township has not received the political subdivision permit back from the game commission?

Lena Horne said...

Well, archery must stop and sharpshooting must be off the table in order for HSUS to consider our proposal. Has Darby O'Gill finished that proposal?

E. T. Gillen said...

On Wednesday at 5:06 PM, I sent this to the commissioners:


Will you be voting on sharpshooting on October 13, 2015?

Elaine Gillen

I never received an answer. I wonder if your question, 9:30 PM, answers my question.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lena, the proposal process was to begin shortly after September 8th when the motion was passed 3-2 to move forward. For some reason Keith McGill still has no draft written up as of September 28th when he stated at the discussion meeting that he would have it sent out by the end of the week. I can't get an answer from Kelly as to why the process was delayed.

Nick M.

Anonymous said...

What does Jody Maddock care about numbers for? Whether it's 1 or 100 killed deer, he still gets his $15,640.

Nick M.