Monday, March 28, 2016

ANOTHER pedestrian hit in a crosswalk

Chief Lauth issued this media release: 
On 03/17/16 at approximately 1839 hours, MLPD officers were dispatched to the area of Washington Rd. and Peermont Ave. in reference to a vehicle vs. pedestrian crash.  
The pedestrian (F/50 yrs old) stated that she was struck by a vehicle as she was attempting to cross Washington Rd.  She reported that she was not injured and explained that she was walking across the roadway (from east to west) at the intersection of Washington Rd. and Peermont Ave. when she was struck by a red Kia Sportage.  The pedestrian advised that she was in the crosswalk when she was struck and that she is positive that she had a steady "walk" signal.  She stated that she was struck just as she entered the southbound center travel lane on Washington Rd.

The driver (F/23 yrs old) of the Kia Sportage stated that she was attempting to make the left turn from Peermont Ave. onto Washington Rd. when she struck the pedestrian.  The driver related that the traffic light at the intersection of Peermont Ave. and Washington Rd. was green when she made the turn.  She reported that the pedestrian was in the crosswalk when she struck her.

The investigating officer issued a traffic citation to the driver of the Kia Sportage at the scene.  She was charged with the following:

PAVC 3113(a)(1) - Pedestrian Control Signals.
Aaron V. Lauth
Chief of Police
Mt Lebanon Police Department
555 Washington Road
Pittsburgh, PA  15228
The driver is 23 year old Della Parker.

But if you write to the commission about the pedestrian ordinance, this is what you get back, just three days after the above pedestrian was hit:

Date: Sun, 20 Mar 2016 21:16:07 -0400
Subject: Re: New local jaywalking ordinance a big mistake
To:Mt. Lebanon Citizen

Mt. Lebanon Citizen,

You and I discussed the ordinance prior to the commission's vote. I appreciate your opinion and passion for the issue, but we have passed the ordinance unanimously and are now developing our safe driving/walking/biking campaign.



  Maybe you should fix the broken pedestrian signals before passing ordinances penalizing them.
See attached photos on Washington Road at Mayfair Drive Saturday 19-MAR-2016.
They show a walk signal that will never allow a pedestrian to legally walk because
the "beg button" is broken. The "Do Not Cross" yellow tape around the pole is an economical way
for Lebo to fix it, while fining and giving criminal records to people who attempt to cross there.
The municipality should have made sure the infrastructure was in working order before
the commission made crossing the street in Mt. Lebanon a criminal act.
You should be ashamed of yourself for your poor decision making as an elected official.



Perhaps this should be in every Mt. Lebanon resident's wardrobe:

This comment says it all: 
"It defies common sense to ticket someone who is entering a crosswalk as the countdown begins when they still have time to cross the street safely without disrupting traffic."
- L.A. Councilman Mike Bonin


Anonymous said...

This band needs to perform at the First Fridays events:

Anonymous said...

Could not believe my eyes today when I read in the Almanac that Mt Lebanon wants to get accreditation for being a safe community. I mean, yes, there aren't many murders, assaults, etc. but um, this safe streets thing leaves much be to desired! Let's not even mention the sharpshooting...

Barbara S. said...

We should all decide on the same t-shirts and spend the day on Washington Rd., crossing from one side to the other and back again. Oh...that's right...we don't have enough insurance coverage to make this financially reasonable. BTW, two of us left the Commission meeting early-ish on Monday (9:00) and headed to the parking lot across from Washington Elementary, only to observe a woman practically having to run for her life to cross at the super-controlled crossing as car after car sped-up before blowing-through the light show. If the community needs money, they don't have to go after slower-walking folks crossing legally in crosswalks on Washington Rd.; all they have to do is to set up an un-marked patrol car in that lot with two other un-marked cars on the street to reel-them-in at that crosswalk. In no time flat, they should be able to make enough to buy a Dalmatian for the fire department downstairs.

Anonymous said...

Somehow Mt. Lebanon police can't understand the value of pulling speeders over and do their job. I've almost been hit by numerous cars at the crosswalk with the lights. When are are the police going to clean up this mess? I have to wait for All of the cars in both directions stop before I feel safe to cross!

Anonymous said...

9:14, great question, you bring up some good points. Would you mind sending an email over to Chief Lauth with your concerns and get his reply and then let us know how he replies. His email is

Thank you.

Nick M.