Friday, March 18, 2016

Presenting the newly updated, updated, revised final Final Archery Report

Keith McGill was kind enough to let me know of the change on the municipal website. The report now includes the number of deer killed in each park. See page 5.

Archery Harvest Numbers by Park:
Golf course - 15
Conservation District - 6
Rob Hollow - 15
McNeilly - 7

When I questioned the count for Public Works, Keith believes the Robb Hollow number reflects both Robb Hollow and the Public Works site. He doesn't believe they differentiated between the two.


Barbara S. said...

Well...Robb Hollow would account for the lovely family of deer that I always watched for under the apple trees at the corner of Cedar Blvd. and Gilkeson; and the Golf Course would account for the deer I always loved to see at the Baptist Home when I visited every Friday. And I haven't seen the three deer who occasionally visited the yard across Newburn from my house since the early days of archery season. AND THE ENTITLED, SELF-ABSORBED DEER HATERS HAVE THE GALL TO PUT OUT THEIR STUPID-ASS SIGNS, NOW? I would ask who they think they are, but I think we all already have the answer to that one. I hope Elaine has a victory as stunningly-decisive as that of Amy Castor and that Mt. Lebanon has its head handed to it, in public! They've earned it, and they have it coming to them! Actually, it's long overdue...

Barbara S. said...

Actually, Elaine, you probably want pictures of ALL the signs--the Eat More Venison as well as the Hunters welcoming signs--for your case. Clearly, the Commissioners are the ONLY ones concerned about keeping their identities secret!!!