Friday, March 11, 2016

Parents, here's a comforting thought

It is not legal to shoot guns in a gun free school zone, but Tony was allowed to bait in a gun free school zone.

From: Aaron Lauth []
Sent: Tuesday, March 8, 2016 5:55 PM
To: a concerned resident
Cc: Keith McGill <>; Commission <>
Subject: Re: bait

Our two-Officer site inspection team verified the GPS coordinates of each site.  We have no credible information to suggest that bait placed by White Buffalo is outside of these approved sites.  Also, the Gun Free School Zone Act specifically prohibits guns, and therefore shooting, within 1000 ft of a school property.  Not that this is the case here, but to my knowledge, it does not cover bait for deer culling activities.

Uh, Aaron, you have no credible evidence that suggests Tony didn't place the bait outside of the approved sites.


Anonymous said...

Can they shoot into a gun-free zone as long as they discharge the weapon outside the 1000' area ?

E. T. Gillen said...

Good question, 1:34 PM. I have no idea. Although it sounds like a loophole that Mt. Lebanon/White Buffalo would consider investigating.

Anonymous said...

This explains why Lebo had police in the parks, possibly within GFSZ.
18USC Chapter 44 §922(q)(2)(B)(vi) by a law enforcement officer acting in his or her official capacity
Mt. Lebanon would have to explain how deer culling fits into the officer's official capacity, and it would need to be documented in their job description, available to the public through a right to know request.

Anonymous said...

11:14, that makes sense because when I questioned Chief Lauth on the baiting issues and how close DeNicola was baiting near the safety zones (maybe even within), he stated that his only responsibility was public safety, nothing more. Meaning that DeNicola could break every law under the sun and the Lebo police department would look the other way.

Nick M.

Anonymous said...

Isn't DeNicola possibly shooting within the school safety zone a public safety issue?