Thursday, March 10, 2016

Putting the pieces together

I thought my sleepless nights were over, but my mind isn't ready to give up on the bait mystery. Here are the puzzle pieces:

Ongoing emails with Tony DeNicola about bait starting February 26, 2016.

Email to Keith McGill showing piles of corn at McNeilly and the golf course sent on March 5, 2016.

Photos of corn gone at golf course on March 7, 2016

Photos of corn gone at McNeilly on March 7, 2016

Not one kernel left at either location.

Mt. Lebanon press release announcing that baiting has concluded on March 8, 2016.

On March 8, 2016 at 5:32 PM, Tony DeNicola tells me that his findings about bait is not public information.

Another Mt. Lebanon press release sent on March 9, 2016, announces that sharpshooting has concluded. The Almanac reports: 
Activities ceased in part because of conditions that are not favorable to bait working effectively, and as a result, time could not be used efficiently.
Is the real story that Mt. Lebanon told DeNicola that ground baiting is illegal in Allegheny County? Merlin Benner got in trouble for baiting last year since it was attracting rats. As you know, Mt. Lebanon has rats as big as cats. Mt. Lebanon also ceased baiting for rats this year. Was DeNicola told to clean up the bait, not leaving one kernel? Was the reason that DeNicola was so cranky with me about bait because he was sick of the bullshit in Mt. Lebanon? He couldn't use Twin Hills, had to deal with gun free school zones, and now bait issues? I certainly hope so.


Anonymous said...

They did it, again. The muni set out ground bait for the deer. It's illegal to bait on the ground in Allegheny County. WB got caught and, essentially, run out of town.

Barbara S. said...

I would bet my last pair of socks (and I hate having sock-less feet!) that the ONLY corn found on the ground was Tony's corn and that it HAD NOT been placed there by some tree-hugging, dear-loving, law-breaking animal-rights-activist determined to interfere with the Game Commission's sanctioned activities in our fair community. Think about it: had the corn been planted there by some malcontent, WHY would any lawful employee of White Buffalo or of Mt. L spend even a minute destroying the EVIDENCE OF THE CRIME? And WHY weren't the police studying recordings from field cameras to try to identify the felons? And WHY wasn't "tampering" with the site reported by the media? Because they couldn't make a case for tampering AND THEY KNEW IT! My best guess (and I REALLY hope I'm right) is that DeNicola has decided that Mt. Lebanon is more trouble than it's worth! I'm hoping that he, like Benner before him, has essentially been RUN OUT OF TOWN ON A RAIL! Justice.