Monday, March 21, 2016

Sharpshooting final report is in UPDATED 2X

2016 Final Report for the 2016 Deer Management Program

They killed fawns. They killed does. They killed bucks. They killed anything on four legs. Their biggest killing day was February 29, 2016 with 33 deer killed.

Tony DeNicola reports:
Regardless of the success of the two harvest phases, there are pockets of more densely developed areas where deer have not been addressed. We intentionally avoided working in these densely developed areas during both culling phases this year to minimize conflicts. We continue to receive correspondence from community members that are observing deer in their yards even after we are done with the project. The Commission will need to decide whether to emphasize more culling activities in very tightly developed areas or transition to sterilization in these areas of the community.
In a letter to the commissioners, I wrote:
Is the intent to eliminate all the deer in Mt. Lebanon? Wasn't the goal to reduce deer/car collisions by 50% in five years? Or are we going by what deer are remaining in people's yards now?

I would appreciate a response from any or all of the commissioners. This was sent to you and not to the municipal manager.
I guess the reason we are seeing more "Eat More Venison," "Hunt in My Yard," and "Hunters Welcome" signs is that we still have some unhappy people who want all the deer killed. So why is Mt. Lebanon taking me to court when these people are quite content to post their signs in their front yards?

I am adding a map of Mt. Lebanon so that we can figure out which zones are which. I think I am Zone 3. It looks like Zone 4 includes Sunset Hills, the Golf Course, and McNeilly. Still working on the other zones.

Update March 21, 2016 8:37 PM I heard back from Keith McGill. I had asked him for a breakdown by public properties.

Good evening Elaine,
Tony indicates the following:

McNeilly - 4
Robb Hollow - 5
Municipal Golf Course - 17

Total on public land - 26

Total private land - 89

Update March 22, 2016 12:04 AM Looking at the "sharpshooting" zones map, here is how the "sharpshooting" breaks down:

Zone 1
32 deer killed on private property                   
5 deer killed at Robb Hollow and Public Works
37 Total

Zone 2
28 deer killed on private property
0 deer killed on public property
28 Total

Zone 3
20 deer killed on private property
0 deer killed on public property
20 Total

Zone 4
9 deer killed on private property
21 deer killed at McNeilly and Golf Course
30 Total


Anonymous said...

It would be nice if the cost of what this program is being billed to Mt. Lebanon taxpayers were included in the final report.

Nick M.

Barbara said...

Seriously?! I'm e-mailing them too.

Anonymous said...

I know that my next door neighbors are angry that they have seen deer in their yard---after Tony packed up and went home.

Kill them all? Is that what they want?

Anonymous said...

I doubt that very many pro-kill people are placing signs in their yards. A few, perhaps. But, they've learned that they get what they want without begging.

E. T. Gillen said...

I love how Tony blamed people for feeding deer. How does he know that? Was he trespassing on private property? I just wrote to Keith asking which public places were used for "sharpshooting" and the breakdown of kills per public place.

Anonymous said...

Why does Tony think that people were feeding the deer? WHO CARES?

E. T. Gillen said...

It looks like Zone 1 which includes Virginia Manor had the largest amount of deer killed in each category, both archery and rifles. It was a straight 32% across the board.

Anonymous said...

Something else missing from the report is the processing information and where the meat was donated to.

Overall this report is too generic, lacks much.

Nick M.

Anonymous said...

If in fact people were feeding deer, then why weren't they prosecuted, as I am sure that Blaise would have thrown the book at them. And he would have enjoyed doing it.

E. T. Gillen said...

Doing the math...
20 sites -3 sites not used = 17 sites
17 sites - 3 public sites = 14 private properties

89 deer killed on 14 properties = more than six deer killed per property. No wonder so many fawns were killed. They wiped out families. I think those private properties need to kick in at least $3000 each or $500 per deer. Hell, I am paying more than that so that Mt. Lebanon can protect their identities.

Anonymous said...

Our commission is really bad
They don't listen to reason
School board has been more responsive lately, but renovation is almost done.
Big diff is muni can use cops as goons

Anonymous said...

There is NO government in Mt. Lebanon.

Jason Margolis said...

I am ashamed of my zone--zone 2. It is only because of Barbara's work that the public property in zone 2 = 0 ... as Twin Hills was killing free.

Anonymous said...

If these elitists don't want to see any deer and are angry that they still see some in their yards and want them all killed, maybe they should be encouraged to move out of Pennsylvania or move into a place in downtown Pittsburgh.

If they were my neighbors, I certainly wouldn't hesitate to say something.

Lena Horne said...

I am surprised that the killing fields were not split up along the lines of the wards of Mt. Lebanon. Wards 1 through 5. The commissioner of the ward with the most deer killed would get a prize---a date with Susan Morgans.

Anonymous said...

Every time a pro-kill person plants a non deer resistant shrub or flower in their yard, they are feeding the deer.