Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Highlights from yesterday's hearing

I was reminded of some of the priceless moments from yesterday's hearing. Aside from the stress factor, it was quite entertaining at times. I wish more than six of us were able to attend to watch the craziness.

Please understand that I am not a lawyer, so I may not be using the correct terminology. The judge introduced the case and mentioned that Amy was charged an $800 fine for harassment. By his reaction, whether it was rolling his eyes or saying something like wow, Judge Nauhaus made it clear that $800 was excessive. Judge Nauhaus allowed the assistant district attorney to begin. The ADA started to talk about the archery program in Mt. Lebanon. The judge interrupted her by saying in so many words, why are you telling us this? Everyone in the city of Pittsburgh could read about it in the Post Gazette every day. The judge let her continue. When she mentioned White Buffalo, the judge mocked the name.

During his testimony, the ADA questioned the PA Game Commissioner about harvesting the deer. The Hon. Judge Nauhaus cut them off at the knees while rolling his eyes and asked, "What do you mean by 'harvesting?' Do you mean killing? Then just say it. All these euphemisms are silly."

Nauhaus asked the PAGC a hypothetical question. "Let's say, I was a resident in Mt. Lebanon." Then he rolled his eyes and made a snide remark about never wanting to live here.

The room had pretty much cleared out by the time Amy's case was heard. As I mentioned before, it was standing room only. The judge suggested that those who were still standing could probably find a seat. One of Mt. Lebanon's finest, continued to stand on the side of the room with his arms folded, looking really tough with his sunglasses on his forehead. Remember, the room had been filled with city cops, as well as cops from all over. A couple of the Pittsburgh cops, who were sitting on the sidelines awaiting their turns, were laughing out loud at Judge Nauhaus’ comments about White Buffalo and Mt. Lebanon. Pittsburgh cops must think our police force is a joke.

It was comforting and frightening at the same time, knowing that we're not the crazy ones here. We are being govern by a bunch of idiots.


Anonymous said...

This does sound entertaining, Elaine. I don't know this judge but my impression of him from other cases is that he can be a loose cannon. Glad this worked out in Amy's favor.

On another non deer, non pedestrian note, it is somewhat amazing that heroin is being smuggled into St Clair Hospital. The times, they are a changin'.

Kathryn Clark said...

I pray that you are never in any real danger where you need to call someone from your "half-assed police force" to come help you. Regardless of what anyone thinks about deer, or pedestrians, or turf, I am tired of seeing you and others write nasty things about the police and the police department from behind your computer screens. When each and every one of you puts on a bullet proof vest before you head to work each day, and spend your time protecting those very people who call you "half-assed" then you can name call all you'd like. But until that time comes, maybe turn the rhetoric down just a notch.

Anonymous said...

Elaine: long time reader...first time to write in. Were you in the back of the court room ? I observed the performance and thought that was indeed you. I disagree with Ms. Clark. I too witnessed the behavior of our police officers and the reaction of the city police officers towards our men. It was not Mt. Lebanon's proudest moment looking more like mall cops than police officers.

E. T. Gillen said...

No need to pray about that Kathryn. I have relied on them for life and death situations. For the most part, we have an excellent police force. Our police officers have been reduced to protecting corn, be on the lookout for smokers and dogs in our parks, working for hunters and removing jaywalkers from our streets. It must be pretty embarrassing for our police force. The one who stood with his arms folded looking bad ass instead of sitting with the rest of the police officers did nothing for our image. It was a circus. It was noticed by the judge and fellow officers in the courtroom.

E. T. Gillen said...

Sorry, 10:02 AM, I didn't notice that you asked me a question. Yes, that was me in the last row along with others from Mt. Lebanon cheering Amy on. I'm happy that you were also able to attend.