Thursday, March 3, 2016

Open season for busy bodies again UPDATED

The PG's John Hayes published the Office of Open Records' Final Determination of my Right To Know appeal, the second one that was granted my way. Mt. Lebanon required to disclose deer hunt records Now busy bodies and Republicans are under attack in the comment section. Only "busy bodies" want to know where the hunting is taking place. Ironically, I don't remember the last time I voted for a Republican whose name wasn't "Elaine Gillen." Aaaannnd, five Democrats voted for the archery program.

John Hayes just emailed me at 5:00 and asked if I was interested in doing an interview with him. Here is what I wrote back:

This is the second OOR appeal that they granted. Only 20% of OOR appeals are granted. 

I thought I would have seen you at Amy Castor's hearing. At the bottom of page 5 of the OOR's Final Determination which you posted, Mt. Lebanon referenced Amy Castor's charges. Blaise convicted Amy of two charges with fines totaling $1100. Judge Nauhaus dropped one charge and reduced her fine to one dollar.

Mt. Lebanon is taking me to court on April 11. Want to donate to my legal expenses?

Can't wait to see what kind of a spin he puts on that one.

Update March 3, 2016 11:35 PM I'm noticing that the PG is deleting the personal attacks tonight.

Update March 4, 2016 1:00 AM State agency still believes Mt. Lebanon deer cull emails are public records Deleting personal attacks in the Trib - not so much. 


Anonymous said...

Hayes updated the article with good old boy lies. I love how they call a municipal sponsored deer cull "legal hunting" and thus, protected by what...? The constitution ??
Then Phil Weis says the commissioners and muni staff don't have the names/addresses of locations. Ummm... Are the police who are doing the so called safe walking route checks considered an entirely separate entity in this fubar community?

All of these lies really degrade MTL and of course, the muni's allies. Deservedly though.

Anonymous said...

Phil Weis must have cringed when he had to make that crazy comment. Either way, he cringed. Either because he was lying or telling the truth.

What local government does not require its contractor to tell government officials where work is going on? Especially when guns are involved. That is beyond recklessness.

Anonymous said...

I laughed out loud at a comment in the Teib article in which the writer states that Gillen and her supporters intend to shame the cull residents. AS IF shame is possibly a deterrent in Mt Lebo these days. im gonna laugh about his for awhile now...

Anonymous said...

1:04---Excellent. Mt. Lebanon officials and many residents here have no shame, just like you said. If only they did, this community might not spiraling downward.

E. T. Gillen said...

Tuesday's Executive Session includes "legal advice," and Litigation - Twin Hills, Gillen.
Discussion Session – Tuesday, March 8, 2016