Tuesday, March 8, 2016

If you report gunshots and nobody else did, did it really happen?

This is the BS that Jan Seybold is getting every time she reports gunshots.

Who do you call when you can’t call the police?

Jan is in the heart of Mt. Lebanon and can hear gunshots in every direction. She has been told that it may be a transformer or a loose manhole cover. But every time she calls, she is treated like she is imagining things. 

Is this how Mt. Lebanon is handling the shooting? I sent my third email to Tony Denicola, but second request, asking what type of bait is being used and the method that it is being distributed. According to the all-knowing Susan Morgans, the baiting has concluded. See the article in today's The Almanac. Details for Mt. Lebanon sharpshooting limited for safety reasons More details limited for safety reasons? Are they afraid that we're going to try to pour some melted butter on the corn and try to eat it? Light a match to it to see if it makes popcorn?  

Susan continues with “Basically, it’s a safety consideration,” Susan Morgans, municipal spokeswoman, said. “We don’t want people gathering anywhere near where the hunt is taking place.” If they don't want people gathering anywhere near where the hunt is taking place, then close the golf course. Make McNeilly and Robb Hollow "No Trespassing." Wait. They can't because they are public property. Now our town is turned upside down for four or six private properties! I know that one of them is Greg Perri's property again. 

I am spending most of my days sleeping now. Sleeping at night. Sleeping in the day. My phone is off the hook more than it is on the hook. 

Tonight is another commission discussion session and another commission meeting. They are meeting in executive session to discuss Twin Hills and my case.


Anonymous said...

More than the gunshots, it is the quiet violence of lies that bother me.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Deep comment, 8:57. Good one.