Tuesday, September 6, 2016

ALWAYS stop for pedestrians in crosswalks says ACHD

ALWAYS stop for pedestrians at crosswalks and be cautious at intersections.

ALWAYS means always, Mt. Lebanon Commissioners. Your new banners strategically placed at dangerous intersections for pedestrians, are subliminally telling drivers that they have the right of way. What color is the car in Dave Brumfield's new Look Up Lebo program? Green.

Last I checked, green means GO.

So here is a little test for the commissioners. If we are to ALWAYS stop for pedestrians in crosswalks, according to the Allegheny County Health Department:

What are drivers to do if the walking man is shown? 

What are drivers to do if there is a blinking hand? 

What are drivers to do if there is a steady hand? 

(queue the music)

OK, time is up, Commissioners. I hope you know that ALWAYS stop means...ALWAYS stop.

Pedestrian Lives Matter, except in Mt. Lebanon where elected Commissioners prefer to blame the victims of vehicle-pedestrian accidents.


Jason Margolis said...

It is politically unpopular with the elite to ask them to change their driving habits. Blaming the pedestrians is a matter of political preservation of power; it has nothing to do with what is right.

Sounds a lot like recent MTL history ... it is unpopular to tell established residents that their taxes will be raised, so let's go after The Newcomers... It is unpopular to tell The Sports Cult that their kids may not be able to play when it rains, so let's lay down some expensive toxic turf ... It is unpopular to ask wealthy gardeners to put up fences around their plants and flowers, so let's cull deer.

Same old, same old... as long as MTL is run by the un-elected and over-paid staff, the situation will continue to devolve. There is no leadership, the inmates are running the asylum.

Until MTL moves to a mayoral system, we will continue to see this type of dangerous, erroneous decision making.

Anonymous said...

Count me in with the mayoral system, Jason. I've though a lot about it and believe that it is the only alternative for resuscitating this damaged community.


PS Your comment above is exactly on point.

E. T. Gillen said...

The Almanac reports that the teardrop signs are courtesy of Aaron Lauth.
Look Up Lebo gains traction toward safety on streets If that is the case, thank you, Aaron. I have filed a RTK for all invoices pertaining to the Look Up Lebo campaign. Knowing that the PIO charged the Veterans approximately $8000 for the logo for Beer Fest consisting of three crooked glasses of beer, I want to know how much the PIO is reaming Lauth for this event.

Anonymous said...

Something is going on with the crossing guards too... they are popping up in places they have never been seen before... seriously. I think they might be stationing them at one intersection for a period of time, and then telling them to leave and go to a new one. Anyone else observe that?

Mary E

Anonymous said...

Has the thought occurred to our leaders that the signs themselves could cause obstructed sight lines, further reducing pedestrian safety at the corners where they need to be seen the most?
Our town is actually causing unsafe conditions for pedestrians, and the message on the signs adds insult to injury.

Anonymous said...

Those horrible signs are a distraction to both pedestrians and drivers. Further, they look downright silly.