Friday, September 30, 2016

This should please the deer haters

"Sharpshooting" RFP 2017

Tony's got us hooked. He will charge $132,038 for 22 days of killing 150 deer or $83,477 for 14 days of killing 100 deer.

No mention of time of day. No mention of when this is to begin or end. No mention of his magic, proprietary bait or how it will be dispensed. It is illegal to put bait on the ground in Allegheny County. The rats are getting excited for another feast in 2017.

Keep in mind that we are being charged $9000 for the archery program this year. We were told last year that the start up fee was to implement the program and provide a foundation or time for archers to develop a rapport with the twelve property owners when they grant access to their properties. To the best of my knowledge, these properties are not tax exempt, had the properties been actually "donated."

So not knowing how many deer will be killed by archers, our commissioners plan to spend thousands more for this never ending merry-go -round ride.


Jason Margolis said...

Absolute rip off. Besides being unethical.

But when it comes to the deer, the sheep let the pigs do whatever they want. In other words, the taxpayers get what they deserve.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is all awful and uncivilized. But if the taxpayers don't start voting for rationale, intelligent leaders, Mt. Lebanon is going to continue with this dangerous nonsense of killing deer. I'm sick of it.

Two commission seats are up for grabs in 2017. Silverman's in Ward 2 and Brumfield's in Ward 4. Silverman IS running for reelection; Brumfield is NOT. If the Mt. Lebanon taxpayers don't seize on these two opportunities to reverse the ongoing damages to the community, then we can no longer blame deer killing on the municipality.

Perhaps related or not related---I just saw two, yes TWO, rats as big as small dogs on Lindendale Drive.


Anonymous said...

Well Buddy, don't bother emailing your commission or Mr. Sukal down at public works about the rats you saw, they could care less about them. I saw one a few months back down on Cedar while bicycling that was as big as the ones you saw and nothing was done even though rats are one of the major carriers of diseases and bacteria...even ticks. Wait, what?? Something other than deer carry ticks here in Mt. Lebanon? Who would have guessed.

Nick M.