Tuesday, September 27, 2016


We asked last year where the Deer Archery was going to take place, so that we could protect ourselves and our pets, but Judge Terrence O'Brien ruled that those twelve properties were "donated."

ICYMI*, archery is taking place right here in Mt. Lebanon. Archery season is from September 17, 2016, and continues through January 28, 2017, with a break between November 27 and Christmas in Twin Hills Park, McNeilly Park, Robb Hollow Park, the Golf Course, the Conservation District, and Public Works, along with twelve super secret private properties and any other ones who Mt. Lebanon Partnership's Erin Hart could drum up for her brother in law. These public areas will remain open during Archery Season. 

*In Case You Missed It. I just looked that up after I saw it in a mtl Magazine tweet. 

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I cannot get this picture out of my mind. Horrible.