Tuesday, September 27, 2016

"Come and mingle with some of Mt. Lebanon's finest ladies"

If you want to attend "Celebrating Women of Mt. Lebanon," you better act quickly.

Mt. Lebanon Democratic chair Michelle Zmijanac is honoring Carolyn Byham, Terri Greenberg, Rania Harris, Mary Larsen, and Susan Morgans*.

*Mt. Lebanon's Public Information Officer Susan Morgans just learned that Halloween was moved to October 31 this year.


Anonymous said...

So is Morgans ultimately responsible for errors or not? Maybe she should spend less time writing "it's about me" wine travelogues and concentrate on the accuracy of the publication.

Anonymous said...

Has there ever been a MTL Men Celebrating Men event in Mt. Lebanon???

After years of equal rights laws, gender equality, etc., etc., the ladies now want to start their own little sexist, little, clique. A Good Old Girls network by the looks of it.

Oh how far we've stepped back!

Anonymous said...

In 1651, George Herbert published "Jacula Prudentum," a collection of a thousand proverbs. Perhaps the most famous among them is number 520:

Living well is the best revenge.

What I find particularly interesting is the proximity of the immediately preceding proverb, numbered 519:

One enemy is too much.

I think they work nicely in concert and perhaps can serve to assuage the emotions motivating this post. I think we all know that you think about Susan Morgans a whole lot more than she thinks about you. Be better.

E. T. Gillen said...

Susan, the motivation behind this post is to help Michelle spread the word about this event.

Anonymous said...

8:12's comment may be the most honest and profound submission on any topic here from deer culling to spending to grocery store shoppers, I've ever read on this blog.

"I think we all know that you think about Susan Morgans a whole lot more than she thinks about you."

8:12, IMO you couldn't be more right!

Note George Herbert also wrote in Jacula Prudentum: "Good words are worth much and cost little"

E. T. Gillen said...

Yes, 10:58 AM, Susan Morgans does spend more time thinking about herself than she does of me. Her "good words" cost taxpayers quite a lot. My "good words" cost nothing. I guess ya get what ya pay for.