Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Trib Total Media to end Pittsburgh print edition, lay off 106

Pittsburgh will become a one-newspaper town by the end of the year withTrib Total Media's announcement Wednesday that it will no longer publish a print edition of the Tribune-Review after Nov. 30. The newspaper, which has had a Pittsburgh edition since 1992, will go online-only Dec. 1.

Read the full story here. Tribune-Review will end Pittsburgh edition

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RG said...

No surprise here; print newspapers have been in free-fall for several years, as the immediacy of the Internet and established OTA (Over The Air) outlets have made it harder for the "Gutenberg" process to attract advertisers; advertisers being "where the money is." Subscriptions only pay for lunch.

As a former member of the "Fourth Estate," I haven't subscribed to or purchased a print newspaper in years, and am none the worse for it.

Now if only the Post-Gazette would do the same thing!