Thursday, September 1, 2016

Look Up Lebo Roll Out UPDATED

Last Friday, Mt. Lebanon launched their new PR campaign, "Look Up Lebo."

This banner is at the crosswalk at the top of Cedar Blvd., where multiple pedestrians were hit while crossing in the crosswalk. 

Just a few days later, David Huston was walking to a restaurant on Washington Road and witnessed this:

This gives a whole new meaning to the phrase roll out.

David wrote to the commissioners.

Good morning, Commissioners:
I took these pictures yesterday evening when I was walking to a restaurant on Washington Road.
It is truly unsafe to walk in Mt. Lebanon, yet you continue to blame the victims.
Your continued poor decision making, such as the jaywalking ordinance and flawed campaign, is contributing to the problem, putting pedestrians at risk here everyday.
No pedestrians have caused any injuries to vehicle drivers here.
You need to step up enforcement of motor vehicles breaking the law here before more pedestrians die.
You need to improve design of intersections, crossings and sidewalks here.
Will these pictures appear in Mt. Lebanon Magazine? I'm thinking not. 
David Huston
We've been saying all along. Mt. Lebanon has bad drivers. Deer aren't the problem. Pedestrians are not the problem. Drivers are the problem. We have a parking app now. For drivers. We're killing deer. For drivers. Mt. Lebanon continues to blame pedestrians. This has to stop.

Update September 1, 2016 8:58 PM Dan Miller had a little blurb about Look Up Lebo in his newsletter. 
It now makes sense to me. Dave Brumfield spearheaded this operation. Dave Brumfield once told a resident that they don't have the police force to catch speeders. So let's kill deer and hold pedestrians accountable for the accidents. Incidentally, the driver of the car shown earlier in this post was forced onto the sidewalk by...A N O T H ER  D R I V E R.


Jason Margolis said...

For entitled people, their car is an extension of their ego. So, look up, Lebo - here comes your friendly neighbor...

Anonymous said...

Forced onto sidewalk by another driver? There is no impact damage on their driver's side.
It is safer to allow the other driver to hit you than to put pedestrians at risk.
I don't buy the "forced onto sidewalk by another driver" story.

Anonymous said...

Also, have you noticed on the silly looking new graphic displayed all over the place, that a car is in the green light. Bicycles in the yellow light and people in the red light. That says something about the reason for all this nonsense. Yes, cars in Mt. Lebanon truly are extensions of egos, Jason. They reign above all.

If Mt. Lebanon is a walking community, then I am the Queen of England.