Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Six Degrees of Anthony DeNicola

Deer expert Paul Curtis, from Cornell, spoke to the commissioners last night about "deer management." Curtis, who has never stepped foot in Mt. Lebanon, has estimated that we have between 700-800 deer which is based on deer/vehicular collisions. But who is this guy? It turns out that Curtis has published a paper with the legendary Anthony DeNicola in 2000. Managing White-Tailed Deerin Suburban Environments A Technical Guide

Remember Jody a.k.a. Jodi a.k.a. Joe D. Maddock (Triple J) who claimed to be an expert from Bryn Athyn College? Agenda for the Dog and Pony Show He turned out to be Tony's guy, the head of the archery program.

Mt. Lebanon hired a firm to do two aerial surveys in 2013 and 2014. Aerial surveys have always been considered as the gold standard when counting deer populations. This company was not part of Tony's gang. Tony was able to convince our commissioners that aerial surveys are highly inaccurate, even though they are capable of not only counting deer, but also able to track the number of does and bucks in any given area.

Based on this "expert," who is totally not connected with Tony DeNicola (ha!), three commissioners have agreed to file the proper applications to continue "sharpshooting" this winter. 

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