Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Look Up Lebo Update

I watched the September 26, 2016 commission discussion video, hoping to learn more about the Look Up Lebo campaign. The commission discussion session agenda indicated that "Aaron Lauth and Susan Morgans will provide an update on the Look Up Lebo campaign." Susan Morgans submitted a written report to the commissioners and was in their Friday packets, also available hereSusan then handed the discussion over to Aaron Lauth since "Aaron is the one with the big bucks. " See the 16:57 time stamp on the video.

Look Up Lebo stickers are available at the lobby of the police department on the 3rd floor and at the customer service counter at the municipal building, also in the lobby.

I want to be clear on something. These stickers were not NM's idea. 

Receipts that I have been able to get so far for this campaign are here, which are referenced in Susan Morgans' memorandum to the commissioners. I do not know any of the other expenses, incurred or projected. This was all I received at the time of my Right To Know. I was told to file another Right To Know in a few weeks. Keith McGill did promise to send me future invoices that he would see coming through pertaining to the Look Up Lebo program. Keith was the one who sent me Susan Morgans' memorandum which I asked about last night. It was in my morning email this morning. Thank you, John Bendel and Keith McGill for getting this information to me so quickly.


Anonymous said...

Police are looking for hit and run suspect in black SUV who hit a pedestrian last night. Apparently, there was another hit and run in the same area earlier in Sept according to comments on police FB page.

Anonymous said...

I do like the stickers, I have two of them on my trailer. I did make a suggestion to snag the domain and create a website with information pertaining to the safety campaign where you could have tips, videos and other items of information. Ocean City did this and they did a decent job, it's at There they have tips for motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists, something the Look Up Lebo campaign doesn't have which is kind of baffling if you're serious about the safety of your community. I did want to post Aaron Lauth's informative response so the readers have an idea of what is happening and where they currently stand on the campaign:

"Thanks for your interest in the success of the Look Up Lebo campaign. Several additional pieces of this on-going initiative are in the works as we attempt to balance this campaign with daily operational tasks and the numerous other projects that we are currently involved in. The recent launch of the Look Up Lebo campaign was meant to introduce the concept that we (drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists) all play a role in keeping our streets safe. Moving forward, we will look to further this message by presenting a variety of materials that will continue to build upon the Look Up Lebo message. Our goal is to regularly add new pieces to this overall campaign, and therefore keep the messages and materials fresh. Some of the ways that we will look to accomplish this, and a few of our next steps in the campaign, are as follows (examples of these are attached):

- A new Look Up Lebo tip will appear in each issue of MTL (see attached).
- Regular Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts will appear on the MLPD social media pages offering tips, safety messages, etc. using the hashtag - #lookuplebo (see attached).
- Updates to the Look Up Lebo sections of the Municipal and MLPD websites, including expanded safety tips.
- Signs will be designed and posted near intersections in high traffic pedestrian areas with safe walking tips, as well as instructions to use the button to activate the walk cycle at various locations.
- Graphic strips will be designed and placed on sidewalks in high traffic pedestrian areas with safe walking tips and crosswalk use messages.
- The current MLPD sign trailers will be strategically placed and set to display safe driving messages for drivers and bicyclists.
- A poster design contest is being discussed with the School District where students will choose a safe driving, safe walking or safe bicycling tip and design a poster related to that message. Several posters will be reproduced and displayed at public buildings and businesses throughout the community."

Nick M.

Anonymous said...

Police are also on the lookout for people stealing presidential campaign yard signs from others' private property.