Saturday, January 30, 2016

Bow hunting signs have been replaced

All the bow hunting signs were removed this past week. The No Hunting sign in Rockwood Park has also been removed. New "sharpshooting" signs have gone up.

Entrance to Robb Hollow

Public Works
Notice how small the word "sharpshooting" is. I just can't believe the "areas" are remaining open.

My emails to the police chief and manager, with commissioners cc'ed, are being ignored. I am asking AGAIN, for the following information.

Hi Keith and Aaron,

Keith wrote, "The Police Department is the department tasked with ensuring the safety of the public, which includes this program. As such I will defer to Chief Lauth or Deputy Chief Gallagher for any additional response to your questions related to public safety."

I am still waiting for answers to my questions asked nine days ago. I looked on the MLPD website and saw nothing about the deer "sharpshooting." I did see the warning about the IRS scam, but nothing about deer. As I consider myself as one "who has an interest in the issue," I am unable to find the information.

Since this is time sensitive, I really don't want to file a Right To Know, knowing that it would take 35 days. I am interested in:

1. Setback requirements for "sharpshooting."
2. All types of "fixed elevated locations" used for MTL "sharpshooting."
3. The justification for having two different start times for "sharpshooting" in public vs. private properties.
4. The hours that the "sharpshooters" have permission to enter all properties for both baiting and "sharpshooting."
5. Curfews

Elaine Gillen

No response.


Anonymous said...

Yes, "sharpshooting is in itty bitty print." Area open to visitors? Such as Amy Castor?

Anonymous said...

As Flint is to Safe Water, Mt Lebanon is to Safe Deer Culls.

Anonymous said...

This municipality is governed and inhabited by morons. (Not us, of course.) What kind of commission would leave the parks open while bullets are flying in those same parks? Only in Mt. Lebanon.

Anonymous said...

Unlike the archery signage, these new sharpshooting signs do not even say, "CAUTION.". Boy, this form of "Deer Management" must really be safe.