Sunday, January 10, 2016

Mt. Lebanon is making it a challenge

Fighting vitamin D deficiencies in kids during the sun-scarce winter months

Drinking milk and playing outside isn’t enough, research shows

But here in Mt. Lebanon, vitamin D deficiencies must be at an all time high. How can kids play outside around here when we have archers from September through January? The commissioners will be approving sharpshooting, extending the time through March. What about the folks who suffer from seasonal affective disorder? Even our dogs can suffer from canine cabin fever.

Mt. Lebanon has been kicking around the idea of putting in a dog park near Public Works. So when the weather is mild, like it has been so far this winter, families can take Spot to the killing fields at Robb Hollow. When there is snow on the ground, families can sled ride at the killing fields at the golf course.

So what is the solution? Do we ask John in the paint department at Rolliers if he sells light boxes?

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Anonymous said...

They are indifferent to the concept of community wellness in Mt Lebanon. I do not see how killing over 100 deer and then adding sharpshooters to secret locations and parks reflects wellness at any level. Maybe there should be a wellness platform.