Friday, January 1, 2016

Pennsylvania Game Commission cutting staff

Pennsylvania Game Commission cutting staff

Pennsylvania Game Commission officials warned late last summer without an increase in the cost of hunting licenses, there would be consequences.

They have arrived. It is the agency's employees who are feeling them first.

Commission press secretary Travis Lau confirmed Monday the agency is furloughing two full-time employees as of Dec. 31. They are Bob Wesoloskie, chief of the marketing, merchandising and outreach division, and Theresa Alberica, the Project WILD coordinator who worked with teachers on wildlife curriculums.

Another four-to-five employees in “limited-term” positions — or seasonal jobs — also are being let go at the end of the year, Lau said. He did not have details on those positions.

The layoffs might be just the start. Commission leaders are reviewing whether to lay off another four-to-five limited term employees at the end of the fiscal year June 30, Lau said.

They also have identified 69 other positions that could be vacant as of July 1.

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Lena Horne said...

Too bad they didn't ditch the forest ranger who cited Amy Castor with phony charges.

Jason Margolis said...


Anonymous said...

They them all off. What good do they really do?

E. T. Gillen said...

This is why the Game Commission has been pushing to kill deer, to keep their jobs by selling tags. This is why we aren't having any aerial surveys done. This is why the commissioners will be approving sharpshooting in 11 days. This is why we cannot reason with the commissioners.

Anonymous said...

Pardon the need for a correction to 10:21: Lay them all off. Not "They them all off".

It's desperate, isn't it, Elaine? The PGC and the Lebo Commissioners seem to think alike; they'll do anything to get what they want. So basically, sales to kill the state animal are in their best interest -- no matter how. 'Twasn't long ago when they were struck with the dilemma: to corral or not to corral.

Anonymous said...

"The commission is facing a budget deficit of $15 million in fiscal 2015-16 and $36 million by fiscal 2019-20."

This is insane.

Nick M.

Anonymous said...

What ever happened to the $800,000. Surplus from about four years ago>

Barbara S. said...

Great! Without a "sheriff" in town, anyone and his cousin will be able to violate any and all of the hunting regulations and do so with complete impunity. It just keeps getting better and better...