Thursday, January 21, 2016


I see no mention of a curfew. What about the kids at extended day? I have learned that the shooting will start at 4:00 on private properties, but the shooters will be on private properties as early as 3:00 PM.

Mt. Lebanon has updated their website to include these documents. They cannot be found on the Home page. They cannot be found under Read On,  but buried and found under Additional Info.

Notification letter to the Superintendent

Notification list to area schools

FAQsDeer Management—Professional Sharpshooting

Maps indicating the required gun free zone around schools:

Golf Course Check the remaining killing areas at the golf course. It is an hourglass shape running East and West. Why not rule out all of the golf course? Let's make sure we use our GPS instead of following the spirit of the law, right Dr. DeNicola?

McNeilly Park Please tell me how that narrow slice of McNeilly Park at the Brookline and Baldwin borders is going to help reduce car accidents.

Rob[sic]Hollow Most of Robb Hollow is off limits because of The Goddard School. Locations are limited to areas along Cedar Blvd. and Robb Hollow where there is a heavy concentration of Not In My Yard signs.

Please share this information on Facebook and Nextdoor. Don't let the municipality bury this on their website.

Update January 21, 2016 8:44 PM I am going to be posting more FAQ that have been submitted to the commission. If you care to email your FAQ to me at I will add them here. We may even get some answers!

These were answered by Keith McGill. Kimberly Schevtchuk's Clarification questions for DeNicola

Elaine Gillen's FAQ

Barb Alsko's FAQ

No link -  this was sent to the commission.
The school district notification letter states that "No hunting will take place on safe walking routes." Are you saying that if a child is walking on a safewalking route as mapped on the district website, none of the public or private properties on that route will be having sharpshooting? If this is not what you mean, can you please clarify it for me as a parent of a school-age walking child?


Anonymous said...

Thank you to the residents who are submitting to the municipality their questions. As an example of how this impacts children, I was driving today on a highway and I said joyfully to my kids, "Hey - I just saw a deer!" Instead of the expected, "Cool, Mom" or whatever, they said, "Oh, don't tell us!", "We don't want to know!". Then I had to clarify and reassure, "It was alive, guys, it was OK, it was not on the road". Then they said they were scared it was going to be hit by a car and finally said, "Ok, but let's just not even talk about them".

Anonymous said...

Did ya see this, Elaine? Note: they want to work on Mt Lebanon deer next!