Friday, January 22, 2016

Shh, we can't let the public know what time the killing starts UPDATED

Mt. Lebanon is definitely keeping the hours of killing under wraps. It is not a conspiracy theory. I have proof!

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Thanks for your reply, Keith. Has answering residents' emails to the commission been delegated to you now? I never hear from the commissioners anymore.

I am very concerned with your belief that anyone who has an interest will be able to find the information. Why must it be a scavenger hunt? To go down three levels is alarming. MANY residents are under the impression that the "sharpshooting" will be done at night. Why are you keeping the hours buried? That information is critical!
Elaine Gillen

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Good morning Ms. Gillen,

I apologize for the delayed response. Deer management is posted on the home page under news and announcements. I believe that anyone who has an interest in the issue is/will be able to find the information.

As to you comment regarding the private property owner I would offer that no removal activities will begin prior to 4:00 PM on private properties. As to the visibility issue I would offer that the professionals conducting the activity have a similar concern and sensitivity to the issue of visibility and as such I do not believe this will be an issue.

The determination regarding the hours was made based on information provided by the contractor and consideration and conversation with the task force, including the Police Department.

The Police Department is the department tasked with ensuring the safety of the public, which includes this program. As such I will defer to Chief Lauth or Deputy Chief Gallagher for any additional response to your questions related to public safety.


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Is there a way to get the important information on the home page of the MTL website? One has to drill down three tiers to reach the latest update about shooting hours. There is no mention on the Home page. It is not under Read On, but buried and found under Additional Info.

How many people will have the patience to dig deeper and deeper for the update? There was no direct link on the LeboALERT.
  • Are you aware that one private property owner said that White Buffalo will be coming on their property at 3 PM, not 4 PM? That means that children walking home from school could potentially see the shooters.
  • Why are there different hours for the public vs. private properties? 
  • Are there any setbacks from the roads established for the public killing areas?
    Will all shooting be done in back yards of private property? Or could it include side yards? Front yards? Visible from the street? 
  • Please define "fixed elevated location." Could that mean from inside a house? From a deck? A tree stand? A tree house? Playground equipment? Top of a hill? Anything else I missed that could be considered a fixed elevated location? 
  • I see that there is no mention of a curfew in your latest update. I never heard either way from any of you when I asked repeatedly about a curfew
Elaine Gillen

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This is an important notice from LeboALERT.


Keith McGill, AICP
Municipal Manager/Municipal Planner

Update January 23, 2016 1:52 AM
I never got a response to my 2:48 PM letter sent on January 22, 2016. I followed up with this letter sent at 1:49 AM on January 23, 2016.


I am writing to you concerning the hours of the sharpshooting. Where exactly are the hours posted for the public on the municipal website? I see the notification letter to the superintendent, but as a resident who has no children in the Mt. Lebanon School District or any other school system, I would have no reason to read Dr. Steinhauer's letter. Continuing to the sharpshooting FAQ's, I have to go to Question ELEVEN for that information. Question ELEVEN.

I would like a response from the commission.

Thank you.

Elaine Gillen

Update January 23, 2016 12:43 PM No word from the commissioners. I tried to locate an email address for our new senator, but had no luck. I emailed this and the entire email chain to Dan Miller and copied the commissioners.

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To: repmiller <>
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Sent: Sat, Jan 23, 2016 2:41 am
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Rep. Miller and Sen. Reschenthaler,

I am getting nowhere with the Municipality of Mt. Lebanon concerning the publication of the hours of sharpshooting.

Dan, would you or your staff please let me know Guy's email address? I would like to send this email to him.

Thanks for your attention.

Elaine Gillen


E. T. Gillen said...

They always avoid the word, "curfew." Notice that?

Anonymous said...

Maybe put those links on your public page

E. T. Gillen said...

I would love to, but I can't upload anything for some reason. I was on the phone with tech support in India with no luck.

E. T. Gillen said...

Is anyone getting answers from commissioners? They wonder why nobody writes to them anymore.

Lena Horne said...

I no longer attempt to make contact with any of the commissioners. It is a waste of time and energy. I also think that they don't know the answers and they are fine with that.

Jason Margolis said...

These people on MTL Nextdoor are starting to annoy the **** out of me again.

E. T. Gillen said...

Why Jason? What's up on Nextdoor?

E. T. Gillen said...

On NextDoor Foster Elementary, we just talk about glass block windows and lasagna dinners. Sigh.

Jason Margolis said...

This is what I recently had to say:

If you're worried about the ecosystem, work on getting the lead out of the water in Flint, MI. That is directly causing brain damage to American, mostly black, children. If you want to help the hungry, volunteer your time and money to do so, and cut out the 4 or 5 middle men involved in this deer killing scam before any "protein" gets on anyone's plate.

Stop pretending your deer killing is so noble. Own up to the human selfishness. Remember: No one in MTL has been seriously or hurt or killed in a deer-vehicle-collision in recorded history. But people are dying senselessly all across the world, including in many neighborhoods around Pittsburgh..

Lena Horne said...

Do you think that Keith doesn't know that the municipality--and not just the cops--are responsible for the safety of those within its borders?