Tuesday, January 5, 2016

More, as promised

I wrote my check for $67.75 today and already complained to the commission, not that it will do any good.

In good faith, I wrote my check for $67.75 and handed it to Bonnie Cross this afternoon. In it, I found three copies of White Buffalo's 10 page Archer Application Packet, none of it was redacted. Thirty pages @ 25¢/page, was billed to me.

I also received and was charged 25¢ for spam from a classic car company.

And finally, more inappropriate comments about me from Susan Fleming Morgans, where she calls me a witch. For some reason, Steve Feller overlooked Susan's behavior toward me. I hope with the new sheriff in town, this inappropriate and unprofessional behavior is dealt with in a timely matter, with copies placed in Ms. Morgans' file. I am still waiting for multiple apologies from Ms. Morgans from the past. I am paying 25¢ a copy to read her trash. In addition, I am attaching an email that she sent to Mr. Takach, which is horrifying.

Elaine Gillen
What I hadn't included in my email to the commission, is this gem.

There are still more emails to sift through, but I have had enough for one day.

Update January 5, 2015 6:10 PM Keith McGill's response:

From: Keith Mcgill <kmcgill@mtlebanon.org>
To: egillen476 <egillen476@aol.com>
Cc: Commission <commission@mtlebanon.org>; Bonnie Cross <bcross@mtlebanon.org>
Sent: Tue, Jan 5, 2016 6:04 pm
Subject: Re: RTK that was paid for today

Good evening Elaine,
I apologize if you were inappropriately billed regarding the RTK request that you reference in your email. I am copying Bonnie on my reply and asking her to work with the Finance Department to issue you a refund in the amount of $7.75 which I believe is what you were charged in error based on your email.
Regarding your reference and attachment where you indicate that Susan Morgan's called you a witch I do not see where you are specifically called or referred to as being a witch.
As to the Takach email I have read that exchange and I will discuss the sentence that reads "and I do not need a lecture about my responsibilities" with Ms. Morgans and handle this as a personnel matter.

Keith McGill, AICP
Municipal Manager/Municipal Planner


Anonymous said...

Who were the people who posted the mean, derogatory comments when this blog was public? The pro kill people. RememberCarrie Doe Steele, for one?

Whovis smearing the anti kill, peaceful crowd, accusing them of sabotaging the traps?

The pro kill people are the ones insistent on killing and violence in the community.

They are also the first to cry that they're being called names and being smeared.

This is a complete nightmare.

These horrible, horrible, violent,self-centered narcissists should leave and live somewhere where there is no wildlife.

Barbara said...


I am so angry about the "witch" comment! That is so unprofessional and disdainful. She is a public servant. I assume you have complained about that comment to McGill and the Commission? May I ask what their reply to you was? You were asking about the safety of kids on Halloween, just as I did months later. Wonder if she called me a witch too...

Anonymous said...

Was Mr Sohn's actual proposal included in your open records request?

E. T. Gillen said...

Yes, but I am pretty tired of looking at this stuff at the moment. I will post it within the next couple of days.

Anonymous said...

Get Susan Morgans' job description and see how it compares with what she thinks it is.
They cannot deny this as an open records request.
Get her job application and employment resumé while you're at it,
to see if she is a good fit for the position and meets the requirements.

Anonymous said...

We are all a bunch of witches and warlocks. For now, don't waste time reading anything that doesn't move our peaceful cause forward. Just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

5:27pm 1/5/2016

most of these pro kill women are the ones who are witches..i know quite a few personally..and they are used to moving mts just by a phone call...
btw,, I spoke to the PG writer,, and all he keep saying is we need to look at science and science says there are too many people and no sterilization stupid method is going to solve lebos problem..just like roads maint there must be a maint of the wildlife.. but I asked John do we need to kill them all like Michalena wants??