Monday, January 4, 2016

More RTKs coming tomorrow

That is after I write checks for $67.75 and $7.50. The municipality has quite a gig going on here. They don't have to be transparent unless someone requests information. Then they can charge 25¢ per page of information. How many hundreds of dollars have I spent on RTKs? Too much. THEN Mt. Lebanon can appeal the Office of Open Records' decisions and I pay again!

Which leads me to my court case. The attorneys are meeting on Thursday with the judge to discuss scheduling. I could really use some help with the costs.

Please consider contributing to my gofundme drive. I have already written a check for half of the legal costs and the municipality isn't doing me any favors on RTK fees. The $7.50 is for all emails that Coleen Vuono sent to ME! I'll be sharing everything after I pick up the requested information tomorrow - after I pay their $75.25.

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